Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Labor Day Weekend!


We had a relaxing weekend. I needed it after last week. The combo of coming back from Indiana, getting Paprika ready for one school, switching her to a new school, and then starting at the new school...well, that was just about all I could handle for one week. ;-)

Sunday, Paprika had a little birthday party to attend. It was for her friend Marle, who she went to preschool with over a year ago. We haven't seen her in awhile, but the girls got along like they saw each other last week. It was so cute! It was a swim party, so you know Paprika was all over that!


This week is a kinda weird week for us. Mr. M ended working on Top Gear on Friday, then went right over to working for the new Ricki Lake show...he's working nights, which is great because we get our days together. Next week he starts back on Dancing With The Stars (back to working days), so by next week, everything will change again. Nothing is certain except change...at least in this house!

Paprika has this week off from swimming and piano lessons - so, we have lots of free time after school. Today after we all picked her up from school, we went over to the park. There is this adorable house right next to the park that I have wanted to rent forever and ever (okay, like for two years)...anyway, it is for rent! So we talked to the owner, and we might put in an application. It costs less to rent than the house we are currently in ($300/month less) - but it would involve moving, losing our security deposit here, hiring movers, and did I mention...it would involve moving with three small children??? Yea, no fun.


The plus side is that it is across the street from my favorite park ever, which would be pretty amazing. It's as cute as a dollhouse, and very well maintained. It's in the same school district, which is great. The downside is that it's a busier street and we'd be moving away from the neighbors here who we love so much (really). The landlord said he will never sell it (it's in a trust and he lives next door). He grew up in the house we'd be renting (as in, he came home from the hospital to that house) AND raised his three kids in the house. It is small but perfect in my eyes.

Mr. M says it's a step sideways, and that it's not worth it to move sideways...just up. So we probably won't do it, but it's fun to think about. Besides, the landlord said he got 15 great applications since he put it on the market this weekend...I guess a lot of people want to live in a cute little dollhouse. Not just me. Haha. :-)


Paprika seems to be loving her new school, by the way! She has a lot of girls in her class. There were 13 girls in her class on Friday, but today a new family came in and now there are 14 girls! That's a lot better than the 4 girls at her old school. I asked the new family where they lived and it turns out that they live literally around the corner from us! This is kind of crazy because this new elementary school isn't our home elementary - so they got transferred because our home elementary school is apparently full now. Wow.

The mom was talking about carpooling, and that kind of sounded good except she has two kids at the school and I don't have enough seats in my van for that. The little girl she is sending off to kindergarten is TINY (as in, I think she might still be 4 years old). She said she just made the birthday cut-off...so probably.

I am so glad that I had Paprika do Transitional Kindergarten last year. I know I was on the fence about that, but she is so confident and ready for Kindergarten now. Plus, it means that she'll be a little older (and hopefully wiser!) when she goes off to college.


Ginger has been enjoying her time being "big sis" while Paprika is at school. With just Ginger and Violet, I feel like the van is half-empty and I barely know what to do with myself while Paprika is at school. Ginger has been my little buddy and has been helping me with Violet. They play together, and Violet chases after Ginger. Violet has started coveting everything that Ginger has (toys, food, etc.) - so I know that Violet's baby days are numbered. Pretty soon she'll be running with the big kids. Blink!

Friday is my birthday. I am so excited! Mr. M is taking the night off work one day this week so we can all go to Disneyland! I'll be the Happiest Girl on Earth at the Happiest Place on Earth. I can't wait! :-)


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I need a nap said...

You are an amazing blogger! There, that is to TRY to make up for the many many times that I read your blog with a huge smile on my face without ever ever commenting!
If you enjoy writing as much as I enjoy reading...then we are a great team!