Friday, September 14, 2012

Growing Up Time!


Since Tuesday, I have had a terrible migraine. I am not sure what's causing it, but there it is. I usually just wait and hope that it will go away. Time (and patience) are sometimes the best medicine. But sometimes not. There's not a whole lot I can take for it since I am nursing Violet. Needless to say, it has been hard because Mr. M is working a lot, and well...there's no time off when you're a mom.

The girls have been so sweet to me. Paprika and Ginger have been picking up the house for me every night (all their toys) without me even asking. But still, it has been challenging taking care of everyone (breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack, bathtime, bedtime, etc.) and making sure that they get from place to place (school, swimming, homework, piano, etc.) all while battling this mind-numbing condition.

This migraine has included a great deal of nausea, so much so that I thought I must be pregnant! But I took a test, and it's a big nope on that one! ;-)


Even with me feeling so sick, the girls have been having fun. We always get to swimming a little early, and the big girls play in the grass together.


Ginger loves to chase Paprika and sit on her and tickle her. Paprika is a great sport! Ha!


These swim lessons have been amazing for Ginger. I wish she could do them year-round. She has been so happy since she started. She even wants to wear clothes and shoes again. Hallelujah! She gets herself dressed each morning, and when it's time for swimming, she goes and gets her swimsuit. We have just been amazed in the change in Ginger this past week. She is the happiest (and most well-behaved) I have seen her in a long time!


Paprika is doing great at school. Last week I was iffy on whether or not it was best to transfer her to a new school. This week I am sure it was the right decision. She has a lot of girls in her class, and has been able to make friends at school. Even though Paprika is light years ahead of the class academically, she loves all the crafts they do and just being part of the class.

I think sending Paprika off to school made me a little depressed. I miss her so much when she's there, and really count the minutes until I can go pick her up again. It has been hard on me. But, she really loves school so much. I constantly ask her if she wants to stay home and homeschool, and every time she says that she wants to go to school. So, there we have it! Even though I thought kindergarten would be too boring for her, she loves going and having "her" time.


And then every day, we come back together and she can tell me all about the adventures she had. And Ginger can tell her how much she missed her big sister and all the adventures we had. So, it's a happy thing. So, why am I still a little sad?


I guess it's just that no matter what you do, they keep growing and changing. And while that is so good, it is hard for a mama who still thinks of her girls as little bitty babies. Even my sweet Violet (10 months!) is standing, crawling, about to walk. Every day she gets bigger, she needs me a little less. And yes, that's a good thing! It's just...well, sigh. It gives me a headache just thinking about it. And goodness knows, I don't need any more of that! ;-)


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Mimi said...

Hope your migrane is better now.
I often feel sad too, realising that my kids are growing up and away from me, I think it's part of being a mama!
But then, each new stage has so many new and exciting things happening...