Tuesday, September 25, 2012

How Far Back Can You Remember?


Paprika had "Picture Day" last week at school. She was so excited to dress up "extra fancy" - so I snapped a few pictures before school. Ginger wanted to get in the picture, too. How could I resist? ;-)


Paprika has a memory like nobody I have ever met. Seriously. Last week she started talking to me about something that happened when she was ONE. There is no explanation for it other than that she remembered. I never blogged about it and have never discussed it with her.

Basically, when I went into the hospital to deliver the twins, she watched the movie The Sound of Music. Last weekend, we were at the park, and I started singing the song: How Do You Solve a Problem Like Maria? And she started crying and said that was the song that was playing when I was in the hospital and it made her so sad. We haven't seen that movie since, and it is true that she watched it when I was in the hospital when she was one (almost two) years old.

The other funny thing that happened this past weekend was that Paprika did a little art project on her own - she got out paper and made a pair of pants and drew pictures on them of all her friends and family.

Well, that is a craft she did back in "Two Cool Two's" when she was TWO years old in preschool. The same craft. (It was a pair of "Family Jeans" - a play on "Family Genes").

I said to Paprika: "What is this?" And she said, "I did this in Miss Doreen's class at my old school.  I wanted to make a new pair!" It is wild what she remembers. She remembers everything.

 Not to get all crazy on you, but when she was 18 months she told me that she remembered what it was like to be inside my tummy and she made the SOUND of it. Makes you think, right?

Anyhoo... This is my view at swim lessons every day (Paprika and Ginger are both in the pool):


And this, too. Little Miss Violet is quickly becoming Little Miss Troublemaker! ;-)


The End.

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noswimmers said...

That Paprika is one smart cookie! That gave me goosebumps that she remembers when you were delivering V&A. ((Hugs)). What an amazing little lady!
And oh my goodness, do you have a Ginger-in-training? Two wild ones in your house, ha! Good thing they're cute. ;)

Jessica Watson said...

Your girls are gorgeous. I have one who seems to remember everything too. She constantly talks about when we lived on a lake and we moved from that house before she was two.

Mimi said...

Paprika's memory is amazing, just goes to show how they are affected by things that happen in their homes even when they're tiny.
I do believe that some people can remember in-vitro, because it's the same memory cells we had back then.
Gorgeous pics, can see the mischief in Violet's eyes!

siri said...

Cade doesn't remember a thing...especially something I've just asked him to do :)
I wonder if she still remembers what it was like being in the womb. That is so interesting.