Thursday, September 20, 2012

10 Months Can!

Dear Violet,

You are now 10 months old. I am amazed at all the things you can do.

You can stand up all by yourself. You can crawl up onto our mini trampoline and bounce yourself (with supervision, of course!) You love to stand in the doorway when I have the refrigerator open. If I let you, you will stand there and take ALL the food out of the fridge. You think it's the best thing. You love to unfurl all the toilet paper in the house and make big messes wherever you go. I think you are becoming a toddler before my very eyes.

You have six teeth (four top, two bottom) and by the way you've been sleeping, I'd say you have a few more on the way! You love food and are big food moocher. You will eat anything. The other day, when you were standing there at the fridge, you took a mixture of spicy peppers out of the fridge and ate them all up. You love any and every kind of food, as long as you can feed yourself. You will NOT allow yourself to be fed by anyone but YOU.   But as much as you love real people food, you love nursing most of all! 

You love being in the sand, in the grass, and as far as I can tell, you have zero sensory issues! You are happy with whatever.


You love your family, and are especially attached to your mama. If I am out of your eyesight for even a split second, you start crying and get really upset. I don't think you quite understand yet that when I leave, I'm not really gone. I think you think that I've disappeared entirely. So, I never stay gone long. ;-)

When I put you down, you always crawl right over to me and tug on my pants and beg me to pick you up (which I do). Your favorite place is riding on mommy's hip.

You only fall asleep in the Ergo or in your carseat when we're driving someplace in the car. Once you're asleep, you like being held. I always hold you for your naps still, and sleep next to you at night. When you wake up in the morning, you are always so happy. There is nothing quite like holding you. It's pretty magical.


You are a very fast crawler, and when you want to get something, you put your mind to it and get there fast! You will be walking any day now, I just know it. It's kind of funny, but I think one of the reasons you are so physically advanced (compared to your sisters at this age) is because you never wear shoes! With your sisters, I always had them in shoes (Pediped) and I think that those shoes just got in their way. You have a big shoe wardrobe but you don't like anything on your feet, so we just go barefoot. It works!

You are starting to talk. You say: Yes (sounds like Yeth), Mama (Mamamamamamama), Dada, and then a lot of bibbly babbly that you understand but is not quite English. ;-) I always know what you want, and you are a pretty great communicator.

You are always so smiley, and you love to wave to people and point and smile at them, and then hide your face and be shy.

You love your sisters and your daddy, and you get SO excited when you see them. Your favorite person to play with is Ginger. You two play kitchen together - Ginger makes you "food" and you throw it around the room. Or Ginger and you build with blocks - Ginger builds, you destroy. ;-)

You love music more than anyone I've ever known, and already you toddle over to the piano, put your fingers on the keys, and start to play.

I love being your mom and cannot imagine my life without you in it. You have been in my arms for just 10 months, but it seems like you have always been here.

  Love, Mom

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noswimmers said...

Awe, the sleeping pic is just too precious! What a sweetheart!