Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Cool and Refreshing!


It was crazy hot here last weekend. Record breaking, in fact! We don't have air conditioning in our house, so by 10am on Saturday, it became clear that we all needed to go find somewhere air-conditioned before we all melted.

Our first stop was the park. Not air-conditioned, but close to the beach, shaded, and outdoors. :-) We just stumbled upon this park, and this weekend, we actually went twice - Saturday and an encore on Sunday!

It was nice and breezy, and fun!


In other news, I got food poisoning this past weekend, which made me feel a lot like I was on one of these swings, except without the fun. ;-) Thankfully, I am feeling better now!


Baby Violet had a great time just hanging out. She soooo wants to play with the big girls and do everything they do. I think it's a little frustrating for her. She will be walking before we know it and then boom...she'll be right there in the mix with them!


After the park, we had lunch at Rubio's - inside because it is air-conditioned! Then, I tried to think of the place that would be the coolest, with the least number of people, and preferably cost the least amount of money (free).

And, of course, you know where that is? The library! Nobody goes to the library on a Saturday...at least not around here!

So, we went to the library. It was refreshing and cool!


We actually visited the library about a week ago, and everything went great. I had been nervous about going because all the times in the past I've gone, I've gotten yelled at by the librarians. First, when Paprika was about a year to two years old, she pulled books off the shelves with wild abandon everytime we went. Then, when Ginger was 18 months to two years old, she climbed the bookshelves like a wild banshee.

But last week, it was so perfect, I could hardly believe it:


Even Violet had a good time:


The big girls were coloring and reading to themselves. It was like a dream:


Well, I got too comfortable with that, and this last weekend when we went, Violet had her own plans. All she wanted to do was crawl around and pull every dvd off the shelf! Then if we moved her to the baby toy play area, all she wanted to do was dump the toys on the floor, and then crawl off and rip the magazines from the bookshelves.


Then, while we were chasing Violet, the big girls plugged themselves into the library computers and just wanted to play Dora games! No reading books, no coloring! Just plugged in to the computer games, and Violet was destroying the library in the background. Ack!


So, I ended up taking Violet for a little walk by the beach while the big girls and Daddy chilled at the library.


I am so ready for Fall...for cool weather, pumpkin patches, and toasty drinks. Bring it on! ;-)

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