Saturday, September 11, 2010

Tall Trees and Disneyland!


On Thursday, we spent the day at the park with friends climbing trees. Oh yes, climbing trees. I didn't know that Paprika loves to climb trees, but she does. The taller, the better. Oh dear.

I was watching her while trying to keep up with Ginger, who was running here there and everywhere. The park was on a steep hill, so everytime Ginger would stop running, she would start to topple over backwards. I hope Paprika enjoyed her time at this park because we're not going back til Ginger is steady on her feet- which may be awhile! Haha!


On Friday, I met up with Devon and her girls at Disneyland! Yea!


We had a great time just being together and hanging out. We had lunch in New Orleans Square overlooking the water. These two were having too much fun goofing around to notice anything but each other!


These two got to ride together in one stroller, while the big girls rode together in the other. The only problem? Ginger was a major pacifier stealer! Not that she knew what to do with it once she found it (she gave up her paci habit about six months ago)!


Other than that minor detail (haha), they got along great! :-) They are only 3 months apart in age, so they have a lot in common and are already fast friends!


Ginger wanted to hang out with the big girls while we were waiting in line.


This is the ONE picture we got of the six of us! :-)


Then Sweet Pea (Devon's baby) took a nap in the stroller- so Devon sat with her while I took Paprika, Ginger, and Miss Belle (Devon's oldest daughter) on the ferris wheel. It was a hit!


I think they enjoyed this ride best of all.


They were laughing and giggling, and having the BEST time!


As you can see, anything Miss Belle does, Paprika soon follows suit!


Then we went to the Parade at California Adventure.


The two older girls had fun tickling Ginger while we waited for the parade to start!


Paprika and Miss Belle are one week - 7 days - apart in age. If you can believe it, Paprika is younger than Miss Belle. Yes, I know Paprika is tall. She is above the 90th percentile for height...she is one tall drink of water! ;-)

I am so happy that these girls have each other. It is wonderful seeing the bond that they have, and knowing that they have so much in common...more than they even realize right now. I hope that in the years to come, they can talk about all kinds of things, including their brothers and sisters in Heaven. I hope they lean on each other and know just how special and loved they both are.

Devon also blogged about our day at Disneyland...check out her post on her blog if you get a chance, here.

Remembering the lives lost in the September 11th attacks. We will always remember those who died, those who fight for our country, and the loved ones left behind. xoxo



Devon said...

your pics are adorable!!! can you send me some?? LOVE them!

butterflymom said...

So glad you ladies have each other...and that your daughters can grow up together. I love the pictures from both blogs... Thanks for sharing.

Lauren said...

What a fun post! Great pictures too :)

shreenee_ark said...

hai...have been following your blog for sometime;but have never commented!!!
loved seeing your kids grow up and enjoyed reading your family's adventure.
your pics are simply amazing....can you share in one post abt them.....your camera,the processing you do them etc...plzzz!!!

Brenna said...

Sweet, sweet pics! And how fun to see Devon's little girls, too. I'm envious that you all are so close together out there. Sending hugs to both of you and your gorgeous kiddos.

FourJedis said...

What fun times. It's so nice to have great friends, especially when they have kids the same age as yours. Love the pictures.

boltefamily said...

Looks like you guys had a GREAT time! I can't believe how big the kids are getting!