Sunday, September 26, 2010

Party Time!


(This photo is of Paprika from a few days ago...I didn't take any photos today- read on!)

Today we went up to a fabulous first birthday party for Devon's one year old baby girl!

It was a beautiful party - great food, great know, the works! Mr. Mustard was working, so I took the girls up by myself. It was about a gazillion degrees outside...and we got stuck in major traffic on the way up. And I spent the whole party chasing after Ginger and didn't really get to talk to anyone.

But other than that, it was great! Hahaha!

No really, the best part was just being there with Devon's friends and family and celebrating a miracle girl. If you knew everything Devon went through with her sweet baby P, it's just amazing to see her sweet babe a year later: chubby, healthy, and thriving. She is dear to my heart, and I was so excited to get to celebrate such a huge milestone with Devon and her family!

But...I was sooooo busy watching the girls, I did not take a single photo. Not one. :-( Hopefully Devon will post some pictures on her blog soon, so I can snag them for my memories! :-)

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