Monday, September 20, 2010

Autumn Changes!


This past week it has really started to feel like Fall. Paprika cannot stop talking about Halloween. Our neighborhood does a big thing for Halloween- every one really goes all out decorating their houses, there is a huge block party, and over a thousand kids come to trick or treat. Seriously.

Many of our neighbors have already decorated their houses. One of our neighbors usually starts decorating his house in June. Yes, June. This year, he waited til Labor Day! He has a storage unit devoted to his Halloween decorations. Now, that's dedication!

All the decorating going on the neighborhood has Paprika really excited about Halloween. All she can talk about is Halloween, trick-or-treating, and costumes. Every day, she says, "Is it Halloween yet? Can we go trick-or-treating tonight?" We've still got six weeks to go!

She's been practicing trick-or-treating in the backyard with the flowers:


And we've been doing Halloween-themed crafts during Ginger's naptime:


I've got to think of more Halloween crafts for us to do. I hadn't anticipated we'd start this early!


We let the last of the butterflies go last night. The girls had so much fun setting them free. We have seen quite a few butterflies flying around our yard this past week, so I think they are sticking around. It makes me smile!


We were able to let all of the butterflies go except for one. She has a broken wing, and so we're keeping her in our little net and feeding her. Even though she can't fly, she seems pretty happy in there.


In between crafting, chasing butterflies, and playing in the backyard, we've been meeting up for playdates with friends. Yesterday we went to the park with some of Paprika's friends.


Ginger loved the park as much as Paprika, and was having the time of her life! She rode down the slide by herself, had a great time in the swings, played in the sand, and last but not pushed on the train by Paprika!


Today was Paprika's first morning at Pre-K. She did GREAT! Today is a big day for us all. DWTS premiers tonight. I am so excited to see all the work Mr. Mustard has put into the show. I am so proud of him, and I am really looking forward to seeing the show! :-)


FourJedis said...

Oh I'm glad I'm not the only one already celebrating Halloween! I'm about to blog about it! Love the pictures as always. The girls look so happy and Paprika is totally the center of the social scene at playgroup. I love their super-colorful outfits!

Anonymous said...

I wish we lived in a neighborhood like that! Unfortunately we experience the other extreme.... Nobody does anything for Halloween. I'm not exaggerating!! We go to Halloween events or trick-or-treat in nearby neighborhoods!

Sheila said...

I came across this magazine at the pediatrician's office. Disney Family Fun. They also have things posted online. It's wonderful, full of ideas for crafts and fun activities. I have a Cricut Expression machine and over 80 cartridges so I make my decorations for the grandsons.
If you send me you email I'll send you the pictures of the "monsters" I've made to tape to the island cabinets in the kitchen. Charlie likes to cruise the kitchen and I have them at eye level for him. He is 6 months 3 weeks and spends his days with me. I still have all the decorations I made last year for Jackson who is 2 and scares easier. Charlie fell in love with all the Halloween decorations at the doctors office so of course I had to make some just for him.
I did a witch, frankenstein, dracula and a vampiress. All are cute like kids dressed for trick or treat. My e mail is