Monday, September 27, 2010

It's Getting Hot In Here...


It's hot here. So freaking hot. All anyone around here can talk about right now is how hot it is. In Pasadena today, it was 113 degrees.

That makes me soooo glad we moved by the beach! Haha!

We are home right now while Ginger is taking her nap. It's probably 100 degrees inside our house. We have ONE fan. Just one. It's in Ginger's room so she can stay cool while she naps.

We have no air-conditioning (or heat) in our house. Never thought we'd need it.

But yea. We do. Right now.

Or at least a fan. But I am guessing that all the fans in LA are sold-out.

I am considering over-nighting a few fans from Amazon. But then...the heat wave will have passed, right? Isn't that how it works?


FourJedis said...

Can you get one of those big ice blocks from the grocer? I thought most places sold them. So sorry! I would die without my AC (literally, as people here do). I hope you get some relief. For what it's worth, I love the pic!

Sarah said...

Ugh! That is TOO HOT! It's so HUMID there, too, compared to here at least! I hope it's cooler tomorrow!

Lauren said...

Geez! I cannot believe the heat wave you've been having! Crazy! I think you may need to invest in a few more fans :)