Friday, September 17, 2010

4 and 1



Yesterday you turned 4 years 1 month old. On your 4th birthday, I didn't write about what you are doing now, so here goes. Here is everything I think you might want to know when you are older about yourself at this time.


You are funny, warm, fun to be around, and just a joy. Really and truly. We laugh so much together, and when I tuck you into sleep at night, you say "Can we talk some more? I love you with all my heart, mama."

You love fashion. I have no idea how you know anything about fashion, since you've never been exposed to TV besides the occasional kid-friendly dvd, and my wardrobe consists of 5 t-shirts and 2 pairs of jeans! Haha!

You love to make up your own outfits, and won't wear about 90% of the things in your closet because, as you say, "They don't match me, mama!"

This dress is your favorite dress and you wear it as often as you can! I have to find some more like it for you!


You like things to be quiet, which is good because our house is pretty quiet! You have really specific musical preferences, and I never know quite what you will like- but when you love a song, you LOVE it and want to listen to it over and over again. If a song comes on that you don't like, you put your hands over your ears and say, "Please stop! I'm going to get songs in my ears!!!!"


You love holidays, and any occasion that calls for dress-up. You are already talking about Christmas (especially Santa), Thanksgiving (making stuffing at Grandma's house), and Halloween (you want to be a purple butterfly today, who knows tomorrow!).

You have such a kind heart. You are giving, sweet, and full of love. You want to be everyone's friend, and you have the BIGGEST imagination.


You are getting better about trying new foods...we still have a long way to go, but you are starting to expand your diet. Horray! You tried a hamburger the other day, and that was a big deal!

You can write your name, and read some words, know your alphabet, your numbers (in English and Spanish), and about a gazillion things about nature and animals. You love insects, and will touch any critter you see. Of course, your favorites are caterpillars and butterflies!

You love taking care of others, and you especially love your baby sister. As I tell you every day, "You are the BEST 4 year old girl in the whole wide world, and I love you with my whole heart." And I mean it.



Sheila said...

Just thought you should know, I love Paprika and her spirit!
You MUST keep track of her sayings. They are pearls of her own making and she wears them well.

Courtney said...

So so sweet!

Brookeanne said...

Super cute post! The "song stuck in my ears" part made me laugh out loud. She's a sweety!

mum2abby said...

Aw, she's just precious! Are you going to print the blog into a book someday for the kids?