Monday, September 27, 2010

The Hottest Day Ever!


Today was the hottest day ever in Los Angeles. No, really! It was 113 degrees today, which is the hottest day ever recorded in LA history, since they started keeping track of the temperature back in 1877. It was so hot that the official thermometer broke when it got to it might have been even hotter than that!


I suppose that it could have been hotter back before 1877...there's just no one still around to tell us about it.


I was feeling a little bit like I was back in 1877 today because all we had was one teeny tiny little desk fan blowing a whole lot of nothin' besides hot air around our house.


It ended up being hotter inside our house than outside. Once the orange tree in our yard started giving off some good shade, I got the baby pool open for business and let them have fun.

And oh, how they did have fun.



It was instant relief.


So, even on the hottest day ever, we still managed to have a lot of fun and make a few memories, too!


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mum2abby said...

Ahh. How adorable! It sure looks like they had a blast swimming! Is it supposed to cool down anytime soon?