Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Long Time Gone


We're back in El Lay! I got my car keys this morning via Fed Ex, and we were on the road back home from Santa Barbara.


The problem? We had brought so much stuff up - there was no space in my car to bring it all back.

So, I did what any enterprising person would do...I dumped everything into the car and ditched the suitcases (left them for safe-keeping with Pat, my mother-in-law). So, all of our clothes and stuff were jam-packed into the car like a bad episode of Hoarders (I haven't actually seen that show ever but I am just imagining).


I made everything fit into my little car (even the high chair)- and now it's a mountain of stuff in the living room. Fun, fun, fun!

It took us about 2.5 hours to get home. I usually play the Princess and The Frog soundtrack for Paprika in the car, but today there was an old Dixie Chicks album in the stereo. The first song on the CD is "Long Time Gone" and Paprika loved it the second she heard it.


As soon as the song was done, she said, "Again! Please!" So I played it again. And then the second time it was done, she said, "Again! Please!" And this continued on for over an hour until she fell asleep. Ginger fell asleep right when we left Santa Barbara, and everytime I would try to go to a new song, Paprika would get sooooo upset and almost wake up Ginger. So, I just kept it on the same song.

Then, after Paprika fell asleep, I thought I could change the song to something else. But, everytime it went to a new song, one or both of them would start to stir and wake up.

So, I kept it on Long Time Gone (on repeat) for the entire two and a half hour drive.

I think I heard it at least 50 times today. I need to change the CD before I get in the car with Paprika again, otherwise I'm gonna be listening to it again!


So, we are back. It's kind of weird because although nothing is different than it was last Thursday, I feel so grateful for the girls not having lead poisoning.

But now everything I see (now that I know what I know)- I think "do not put that in your mouth!!!" It's like I am re-living scenes from Erin Brockovich or something.

One thing that the losses we have experienced have taught us (for better or worse) is that bad things can happen in an instant. We don't have the illusion of a safety net. We never think "oh, that couldn't happen to us." Because you know, it could happen to any of us. Really.

That sounds morbid, I guess. But, I guess it's just my truth. I am so grateful to be back in LA, and so extremely thankful that the girls both tested so low for lead poisoning after our horrible scare.

Even though I am in the same spot in many ways I was a week ago, I feel lighter and happier, and the sun is shining brighter. I guess that's what perspective does, right? It makes us grateful for what we already have when we never knew to be so grateful for it in the first place. :-)



FourJedis said...

So how did you fit everything on the way up? I love all the pretty barrettes in Paprika's hair. That's so cute that she fell so in love with that song. So glad everything is ok, and while it stinks to have had to worry like that, it's been informative to your audience (at least the Charleston-based audience) to not just assume we are ok and keep getting things tested periodically.

Erika said...

nat- mr. mustard took a full car-load up, too...since i thought we'd be staying a lot longer (if the results had been high again i would have stayed up in santa barbara with the girls until we figuerd out a new place to live in LA). Paprika does her own hair now- LOL- i can claim no part in it!!! haha!

Erin said...

I'm so glad to hear everything is ok! That is SCARY. What a busy couple of weeks you've had! You need a vacation to recover from you "vacations." :)

Sheila said...

You and Mr.Mustard have really been through it. Glad all is okay for everyone. Bet Granny in Santa Barbara is happy over the news but oh so sorry not to have her princesses there anymore. Love the garden pictures. Your princesses did make the garden more enchanted.