Saturday, September 18, 2010

15 Months!



You turned 15 months old today! I cannot believe how much you are growing up - every day you surprise me with something new you've learned!

You are talking now...really talking! Your favorite thing to say is "I want that" - which sounds like "I wannn dat!" I can understand pretty much everything you say, but I'm not sure if anyone else can! Haha! For most things, you still just say the first syllable of the word, so "Bath" sounds like "Baaa."

I don't even know how many words you say, because you say a lot now. All of a sudden, you repeat pretty much everything I say and even though it still sounds very "baby-ish" - I know that you know what you're saying, (and I do, too)! On your own (without repeating after me), you say Dada, Mama, help, I wann dat, cat, dog, shoe, shirt, up, down, doll, baby, and night-night.

You can follow directions and will do what we ask you to do. Like if I ask you to go get your shoes, you will walk over and bring your shoes to me. If I ask you if you want a strawberry, you will shake your head yes or no. I think you understand 99% of what I say to you, even though you can't talk back to me as well as you'd like.

But for some reason, I know what you're saying just by how you look at me and your gestures, so we can communicate pretty easily. I know when you are frustrated and I can help you, so you don't get upset.

The only time you do get upset is when we have a difference of opinion about something (haha)- which means I want you to do something YOU don't want to do. Pretty much the only time that happens is when it's time for you to go to bed. If you had it your way, you would sleep 4 hours/day total, and I would be holding you for all four of them! But even the sleep issue is getting better, and I am grateful that we are in a place now where I can lay down and sleep without sitting up and nursing you at the same time, since that is what I did for the first 13 months of your life!


You keep me busy morning til night. You are running, running everywhere and into everything. Your favorite thing to do is to crawl on top of the toilet and throw things off of it. You think it's the funniest thing, and when I grab you (so you don't fall!) you get so upset. But then in a second, you figure out something else to get into, and you're happy again!

The only time when you stop running is when you want to nurse, which is still pretty much all the time. Even though you are nursing, you eat a very wide variety of foods, and you will eat anything put in front of you. Just now you had part of my green salad with balsamic vinagrette. You know the sign language for nursing, and also the words, so you let me know in no uncertain terms when you want to nurse! Haha!

You love to try new foods, and have an insatiable appetite! Your favorite foods are organic strawberries, avocados, turkey, and yogurt! You will eat anything, though- and are excited to try new foods. I would lovingly call you a food-moocher!


You want to do everything Paprika does. Climb to the top of the play structure, wear dresses, put on your own shoes, and now even wear hats and things on your head (like headbands). You have a great sense of humor and you are always laughing at Paprika, me, and your daddy. You have no fear and you love to climb. I am constantly beside you, making sure you don't fall. You definitely keep me busy!

You still want to be with me all the time, and you have a hard time falling asleep for even a nap without being held in my arms. I cherish all the time we have together and love you more than you could ever know. You have brought so much light into our family, and we love you just more than words can say. I can't believe you are 15 months old already. I blinked and all of a sudden my baby is a toddler. I love you, sweet are such a JOY and a blessing to everyone who knows you!


mum2abby said...

happy 15 months! i can't believe how much she's grown and changed. she is just precious!!

FourJedis said...

I'm still not even over the fact that she's one already! Such an amazing, adorable girl you have there... :)