Tuesday, September 21, 2010

My Ebay Mania


***My Little Disclaimer: These pictures really have nothing to do with this post. They're just pictures I took of us hanging out at home...so I thought I'd put them up. Paprika found her hat in a box we were cleaning out - she hasn't worn it since she was 2 years old...and Ginger's outfit was passed down to us from a friend- I love it and have been waiting for her to be big enough to wear it, and now it's almost too small!

There, I said it! Phew, I feel better!


I don't know what it is about the change into Fall, but it always makes me want to get super organized. It all started last week when Mr. Mustard decided to list a few things on Ebay. Then I started thinking about all the things I wanted to list on Ebay...which had me digging through boxes, through the closets, and into every hidden corner of our house.


On top of that, I found a Stokke Tripp Trapp highchair on Craigslist for a steal. It's basically a chair that Ginger can have from now and then it will grow with her into adulthood. Paprika has had one since she was 6 months old, and she still uses it and loves it! You can actually kinda see Ginger's new chair in the above picture - it's at the table behind Paprika.


Anyway, so I found the new highchair on Craigslist for a fraction of the price new...and it was great except the harness was broken. Well, we have a harness from Paprika's chair, which I figured I could just swap into Ginger's chair. Of course, I had to find it first, and it was buried in a box...oh, I don't know...somewhere...that we haven't opened since we moved.


So, I spent the better part of two days going through boxes searching for this harness, and in the process organized a bunch of boxes, and found lots of stuff to list on Ebay.


I have to be careful with Ebay. It's a little bit of an obsession of mine, and as soon as I start listing things, then I start looking at things to buy, too! It's kind of like Target with returns- I find that whenever I go to Target to return something, I always walk out of the store with more than I just brought back! It's tricky like that!


Mr. Mustard has been working his "typical" hours- which means a whole heck of a lot. So, I've been home taking care of the girls on my own, and I have to say, they have been really helpful with organizing and taking Ebay pictures with me. I am also having them do crafts on the side while I list things.


So, I guess that's what we've been up to! Just hanging out, posting a lot of stuff on Ebay, clearing out the closets (and discovering some old favorite toys in the process), and just being together.

I have a feeling we'll have a huge trip to the post office in our future next week when all of my Ebay items sell. Phew!

I am so excited that the DWTS Results Show is about half an hour from starting- that means that Mr. Mustard will be done with work soon, and we'll be ready to start our "weekend" together! Yay!!! We all miss him so much! And, for the record, I LOVED last night's show and am so proud of Mr. Mustard and everyone who works on the show!



FourJedis said...

I so need to get my butt in gear and list things on ebay! Way to be on the ball. Your girls are so pretty and they always wear the cutest stuff.

Rebecca said...

I found your blog through Kelle Hampton's. I am a big fan of hers also and just happen to click on your picture in her followers. I live in Irvine, OC and have been going through that pulling stuff out of boxes thing too!

Your girls are gorgeous btw. Really cute pics. Nice to have stumbled on you!


Cristy said...

LOVE those outfits and that little bow on her head! Where did you get it? My little one's hair is...well...shall we say...still coming in (it looks like a mullet! haha) and these kinds of bows disguise it!

m&msmommy said...

That outfit is SOOO adorable!!

As always, precious pics! :)

Lauren said...

I need some help with ebay. I have plenty of things I know I need to get rid of and could sell, but I'm too lazy to take pics of it and post it on ebay. I see how it can be fun and addicting though. Hope you make some good sales!

Sheila said...

Love the hat on Paprika. Ginger is la mode bebe as well. Hubby has been selling on ebay all week. I hope he's not just replacing his stuff with more stuff. It is so hard not to browse and bid when on ebay.

Joanne said...

Those girls are ridiculously CUTE. I am jealous of your Craigslist find. I have one of the Target versions of the Stokke but I would love a real one!