Thursday, September 16, 2010

A Purple Crown!


Ginger isn't a fan of wearing headbands, or hairbows, or hats. Especially not hats! But for some reason, she loves this ridiculous headband! It was included with one of Paprika's dress-up costumes, and Ginger can't get enough of it.


She wants to wear it everywhere. All the time. And she puts it on all by herself.


Such a big girl! Now if only I could convince her to wear a hat, or a cute little hairbow. Nahhh- she definitely has her own ideas about what she wants to wear. :-)



mum2abby said...

omg...she's adorable. i love how they pick the weirdest things to wear!!!

Sheila said...

Free to be you and me...
Gotta love a girl who knows her mind. I think it frames he adorable face and I really like the sparkly sequins.
I think it's terrific that Paprika shares her outfits with her sister. I also love that she let's her be herself and doesn't coach her to change how she combines her clothes.