Saturday, September 25, 2010

A New Dance!


Paprika started at a new dance school today. It's the place where one of her best friends goes for ballet, and since they aren't in the same Pre-K class this year, I thought it would be fun for them to have class together.


Paprika was sooooo excited to wear her new purple leotard, and her crown. She made sure to tell everyone at the dance studio, "Purple is my favorite color."

I don't think they would have guessed that! Haha! ;-)

Before the class started, the teacher asked me if this was Paprika's first time taking dance, and I had to laugh. This is actually her FOURTH dance studio! The first was with Ms. Gulch, the second was after we moved, the third was a free trial at another studio, and now this studio.


When we got home, Paprika said she was "sooooooo thirsty from all of her dancing and please, please, may I drink fresh cold ice water out of a fancy glass." I let her pick out her glass, and this is the glass she picked.


What can I say, dancing is hard work!



Sheila said...

So adorable!!!
My daughter use to like having hot chocolate served in china tea cup and saucer after swimming in her grandparents pool. Ha!Ha!
What can I say, a child just knows when they are special and loved.Of course something as fun as being served in a pretty glass or china cup would not be out of the question. It's the little things that they remember most. Thanks for sparking a sweet memory and adding a new one with Paprika.
I think purple is the perfect color to dance in. I get happy feet just thinking about it.
I hope this will be the best dance class ever for her and all her new friends.

FourJedis said...

She's so precious... such a big personality. I love the picture of her you have hanging in your dining area. It's perfect!