Monday, August 16, 2010

Paprika's Big Day!


Paprika turned four today. Even though we had her party yesterday, today (Monday) was just as big a celebration. We started out the day by opening some presents.

At her birthday pary on Sunday, Paprika really wanted the other kids to get presents, too (even more than she wanted presents herself). We are going to both her friends' birthday parties in the next few weeks, so I told her we would bring presents for them then...and that made her feel a little bit better.

So today I made sure that Ginger had a present to open. Paprika insisted that Ginger open her present first. So, that's what we did. They were both so excited.


Ginger got a doll of her very own. It was a big hit! She has been loving on it all day.


Paprika was so excited for her and gave her a huge hug.


Next it was time to open Paprika's presents. You can tell Ginger wanted to help!


Paprika loves opening presents. This is the dress that her Mimi and PopPop sent her (my grandparents). They also sent her an Ariel dress and headbands- she loved them all. Thank you Mimi and PopPop!


Paprika likes to take her time opening her presents- she always has. She likes to enjoy each present before opening another. She got three books today, and she wanted to read them all cover to cover right then.

I have a habit of getting her big books gently used on Amazon for a penny plus shipping. This book is a treasury of the Strawberry Shortcake stories (six stories in one). I loved Strawberry Shortcake when I was little- so reading her the stories brings back great memories.


Paprika loves, loves, loves caterpillars and butterflies. So, she was super excited to get her own Butterfly Garden. You raise the butterflies from caterpillars, and then you release them when they're grown. The other two books she got were about butterflies, so she's learning about all the stages of metamorphosis. Fun stuff!


After presents, we had birthday cake! We lit the candles just like we did yesterday and we sang Happy Birthday. I have no idea why, but Paprika really did not want to blow out the candles again.


So daddy helped.


Then she put on her new princess dress from Mimi and PopPop. Ta-Da!


After that, we gave her the choice of what to do today. She got to pick between going to the beach, going to the park to play and feed ducks, or going to the Aquarium (the Requarium, as she calls it).

Guess what she chose?

The Requarium, of course!

Ginger fell asleep on the car ride down, so Mr. Mustard drove her around for an hour while Paprika and I explored inside. They met up with us when Ginger woke up, and we all had fun together for the rest of the afternoon.


One of her favorite parts of the Aquarium is always the divers cleaning and repairing the tanks. She thinks it's just the coolest thing ever.


She petted the sea stars, the sea cucumbers, the sting rays, and the sharks. But her favorite thing she kept going back to this time was the jellyfish. She loves to pet the tops of the jellyfish.


After that, we came home and Mr. Mustard took Ginger for a little trip around the neighborhood in the convertible. ;-) Paprika and I stayed home and read her new books cover to cover.


After that, we played in the backyard until it got dark and we were all played out.


Happy Birthday, Paprika!

I hope the fours are as beautiful, magical, and wonderful as the zeroes, ones, twos, and threes have been! We love you so, so, so, so, so very much!



Stephanie said...

Happy Birthday Paprika!! She seems to be so sweet and happy:) My first baby turns for next week, it seems so old to me. I hope four is a great year for Paprika!

Lauren said...

What a lovely day! Happy Birthday, Paprika!

Sheila said...

Fabulous way to spend the day :)
Strawberry Shortcake and all her friends are wonderful. My daughter always loved smelling her little dolls.

Do you have a spot in the yard for butterfly and hummingbird plants? You get different hummingbirds in California than we do in the South. I bet the girls will go crazy over them!! You can always buy and fill the hummingbird feeders if you don't want to put the plants in your yard. Milkweed is great for certain butterfly growth. Lantana is a favorite of grown butterflies and ginger, which smells so devine, is a hit with both butterflies and hummingbirds.
I have so many wonderful pictures of these delightful creatures, it provides hours of entertainment in the yard. If you can hang them close to a window it's even more fun to watch up close without them flying away. I have a window feeder as well but really I prefer hanging them on the crepe myrtle branches. That way you can really see them in action. Fascinating and so much fun.

McCryssy said...

What a beautiful day!!

Erin said...

Happy b-day to your beautiful princess! What a doll. That picture of your girls looking over their daddy's shoulder is priceless!

mum2abby said...

Adorable. They are just such cute kids!!!