Monday, August 16, 2010

Happy Fourth Birthday!


Someone turns four today! We started the celebration of her birthday yesterday (Sunday) with a little birthday party with her two best friends. We had planned to throw a bigger party, but with everything that has happened in the past week, we decided to scale back. Paprika had a wonderful time, and being able to focus on just two other kids at her party was awesome.

Paprika decided that she wanted a ballet-themed party. And guess what...Paprika has exactly three ballet leotards. So, the girls all wore Paprika's ballet outfits and were a matched set! It was cute overload!


To keep it simple, we ordered pizza from a great local pizza joint. This is the only picture I got of Ginger before she got pizza all over her dress. She had to have a wardrobe change, but I love this dress so I am glad she got to wear it...even if it was only for an hour or two! Ha!


It was a beautiful, sunny day. The girls played outside a lot. There was a lot of playing outside, then running inside, then back outside...rinse, repeat.


Ginger wanted to carry the balloons everywhere. She thought they were the best.thing.ever!


Then Paprika opened some presents.


She has been asking for one special present for a long time now.

Can you guess what it is?

Probably not.

She has been asking for a Princess Yo-yo for a month or so. I found one on Ebay, and got it for $1. She was sooooo excited. You would think we'd given her a new car by her reaction. But, nope. Just a Princess Yo-yo.


Last, but not least, birthday cake. Chocolate, of course! Made by Sweet Lady Jane (a local bakery). Ooo-Laaa-Laaa. Mr. Mustard picked out the cake, and I think he did a grand job. Paprika loved it, and had three pieces. Big ones.


She didn't want to blow out the candles, though. We sang Happy Birthday twice and she still didn't want to blow them out. We have half a cake left to eat today, so I'm betting we'll light them again today and see if she wants to try again. Maybe she was just waiting for her actual birthday to blow out the candles. If she's anything like her mama (and she is), she probably doesn't want to rush these birthdays. Being three for one more day is just fine with her.


FourJedis said...

What a perfect day! Love the pictures. Happy Birthday, Sweet Paprika! I love hearing about your every day adventures and hope we can meet up again very soon! <3 You are such a bright, beautiful gal. Enjoy the actual day!

Southern Gal said...

Happy Birthday to your sweet girl!

noswimmers said...

Happy 4th Birthday, sweet girl. You are as beautiful as ever, so glad you had such a wonderful day!

McCryssy said...

I'm so glad Paprika had a great birthday!
Mr. Mustard did and excellent job picking out the cake. YUMMY!

Sheila said...

Happiest of birthdays to the enchanted Princess Paprika, ballerina of the sun, moon and stars.
She is such a darling girl ;)
Paprika so embraces life, she is a treasure.

My kids always thought the entire month of their birthday should be theirs to celebrate! What can I say, they learned young it's never too early to realize and celebrate how wonderful it feels to be special in this world, surrounded by the ones who love you.

I love my grandsons and all the fun that comes with little boys, but I admit I get my princess, pink and frilly, little girl silliness fix here.

Thank you for sharing this sweet time.

ryansmom said...

Happy 4th birthday Paprika! Mr. Mustard definitely did a great job of picking out the cake. The girls look adorable running around in ballet outfits.

Devon said...

such a fun day!!!

happy 4th birthday paprika!!!! we hope this year is the BEST yet!

we love you!!!

ferfischer said...

Awww! Happy Birthday! It looks wonderful - and look at that wonderful large yard you have - having a big yard is just awesome for little ones! And look at your little one walking around! Oh, they grow up too fast.

mum2abby said...

Happy Birthday!!! I cannot believe she's four!