Thursday, August 26, 2010

It's A Small World!


The past two days have been jam-packed. Really.

On Wednesday, we went to The Happiest Place on Earth, aka Disneyland! Mr. Mustard had some highschool friends in town visiting, so we met up with them and their families. It was a big caravan of kids and adults...and made the trip extra special and fun!


I was worried that it would be crowded because it's still summer and Los Angeles schools haven't started yet (we're like a month behind the rest of the country). But, mercifully, the place was practically empty. Score!


Here is the one shot I got of the four of us. Notice how we are all out of focus? That's what happens when we hand off the camera! Ha! But even if we are all out of focus, I'm still glad that we all got in the picture... :-)


It was about a gazillion degrees. Our friends were so hot that they decided to leave around noon to let their kids nap in the hotel rooms, and wait out the heat til the evening.

Since we drove from our house, we didn't have a hotel room to go to (not that our kids would nap anyway- ha!)- so we just kept very hydrated, had a long air-conditioned lunch, and stuck to many of the indoor rides that were blissfully cool.

We also hit California Adventure while our friends were resting, since their tickets were only for Disneyland. We did the Monster's Inc. ride a bajillion times, and learned about drawing and animation at the Animation Building. Basically, if an attraction was air-conditioned, we were there!

Ginger spent the whole day with a cup of ice water in her hand. It was so hot (I know I already said that, but it really was).


Can you imagine how this guy must have felt?!!!


Because the parks were so empty, we got to ride a ton of rides. Ginger loved them all.


Her favorite by far was It's A Small World (we call it "the dolly ride"). Ginger loves dolls so much, and is such a little mommy to all of Paprika's dolls. She was so excited during the whole ride and was pointing, jumping around, and was awesome!

Riding It's A Small World:


Paprika's favorite ride was Autotopia! It was her first time on it. We have never been before because the line scares's so long! We went after our friends came back into the park and re-joined back up with us. They hooked us up with a Fastpass, and we got right on! Paprika was still talking about it last night when she went to bed.

It was such an awesome day...any day at Disneyland really is. I am so glad that we get to have magical moments like this together as a family. It makes me The Happiest Mommy On Earth. ;-)



Lauren said...

I always LOVE looking through your pictures! Your photography is so beautiful.

Sounds like you picked the best time to go to Disneyland! Vacations have ended and most kids are back to school. I love it when the park is practically empty. So much fun!

Oh - On a completely different note: Is Mr. Mustard going to be working this coming season of DWTS?? I'm so excited for it to start again :)

FourJedis said...

Looks like a perfect day. Glad you were able to stay hydrated and make the most of it! Ginger looks so tall when she is standing up! So cute. I am glad Paprika got to try Autotopia. Your pictures are wonderful. We just decided to take the boys back to Disneyworld the other day, so looking forward to seeing how much more they love it (if possible) one year later! <3