Sunday, August 22, 2010

All Over Creation


This weekend we really ventured all over the state of California. Well, at least the Southern half!


Saturday we made a day-trip up to Santa Barbara. Mr. Mustard's BFF, Ryan, had flown in from Chicago to visit his parents. They had an awesome backyard party. Lynn, Ryan's mom, is an amazing gardener and taught Paprika and me all about butterflies. We left with eight monarch caterpillars, lots of live milkweed, and a whole set up to start our own butterfly garden here at home. It was incredible!

Lynn also does a great "Lynnie-ride" and had fun whirling and twirling both Paprika and Ginger around in the backyard!


After the party, we swung by Mr. Mustard's mom's house in Santa Barbara, and hung out til way too late, talking with his mom, sister, and Ryan. Everyone had a great time. We decided to drive back that night because Mr. Mustard had to work in the morning. We got home around midnight, which for our little girls was really pushing it. ;-) But they were troopers.

After Mr. Mustard finished work today, we headed up to a fabulous birthday party hosted by our friends Devon and Rob. It was a Princess Party, so you know Paprika thought it was a blast. She was a little hestitant at first and wanted to go upstairs to get some quiet (she gets kind of overwhelmed by big crowds of people), but once I told her that there was a pinata...she rushed downstairs and was fine for the rest of the party. In fact, peeling her away at the end of the party was quite the task! Haha.

Ginger had a great time running all over the house, playing with the toys, and getting into everything. She was so upset when it was time to go home...but she fell asleep on the ride home and is now (for the moment anyway) slumbering peacefully in her crib. :-)

That pretty much sums up our weekend!



Amee said...

The pic of the two princesses is so adorable! It was great seeing you today! :)

Devon said...

um, butterfly garden? that sounds amazing! i want one!

and that pic of the girls is way TOO cute!

FourJedis said...

Such great photos. What a fun weekend - you guys didn't get cheated out of anything over the past few days. Glad you had so much fun - can't wait to see your butterfly garden.

FourJedis said...

Great times with great friends, I see! Love the pictures and can't wait to see some of your butterfly garden!