Friday, August 20, 2010

Islands and PBK


This morning, Ginger woke me up at 6:55 am, which to us is the crack of dawn. Mr. Mustard was just getting home from work (long night) he was just going to bed as I was wrangling Ginger.

Paprika woke up at 9, and I tried to keep the girls very quiet while Mr. Mustard slept. Easier said than done. ;-) I was feeling achy and awful- I am still trying to get over my cold I've been fighting. It was one of those mornings when I kinda, sorta wish we had a TV to entertain the kids.

We left our television at the house in Pasadena when we rented it out, and we decided not to get a new one. We never watched it anyway, and we didn't have it hasn't really been that big of a change. But this morning I was craving just "vegging"- if you know what I mean! No such luck. Haha.

So, we played in the backyard instead. Paprika gave me dance recital after dance recital. Ginger pushed her toy car, and tried to keep up with Paprika.


Mr. Mustard got up around 11am, and we were both so very hungry. I was still feeling pretty awful, and he was tired, and the kids were ready to get out of the house. So, we decided to go out to lunch.




We hit the mall, and had lunch at Islands- both girls were very entertained, and what do you know...they have TVs there (just playing surfing footage). Ginger kept looking at them like, "how can they be surfing up there?"

Ginger is still trying to figure out pictures...she loves looking at the front but always seems so surprised when she flips them over and they are just white on the back. I think she thinks that there's a real person there, and then gets so confused that the backside is just a blank piece of paper.


Anyhoo- after our lunch at Islands, we walked around the mall, played in the fountain, and then went to Pottery Barn Kids (PBK). We like to pretend that PBK is our own personal resort, our home away from home. We went back to the pretend girl bedroom, which has a gorgeous play kitchen, dollhouses, and lots of display toys.

Mr. Mustard and I laid down on the bed there and let the girls play (they were having the best time, and being so very good). It took everything in my power not to get under the covers and fall asleep. Eventually a sales person came back and said, "Is there anything I can help you with?" And all I really wanted to say was, "Yes! Can you get me a Pina Colada?"

But I didn't.



FourJedis said...

That sounds like a really fun day and thanks for the morning chuckle! Sometimes I wish we didn't have a tv, although thankfully the boys haven't figured out the concept of the tv and that there are shows on. I've only let them watch pre-recorded videos. Sorry you guys got up so "early." I don't like waking up as early as we do sometimes (it's not even seven and we are all dressed, fed, ready to do stuff) ... nothing's open.

Southern Gal said...

Dance recitals are the best!

How is your cousin's family? We're mourning the loss of a sweet friend here at a memorial service today. Pray for the Bausum family.