Saturday, August 7, 2010

Just A Thursday

On Thursday, after preschool, we had some friends over. They're new friends we met at Paprika's school, and so I was nervous, you know...that they would make fun of our dead grass in the backyard (which I am trying soooo hard to revive...but alas, no cigar) and stuff like that. It was our second time having them over (so I guess they liked us enough to come back- ha!), and they even brought us lunch this time (In 'N Out). It was great. Paprika has so much fun with their little girl.


And even Ginger found a playmate. She was quite taken with this little guy!


After hours and hours of playtime, it was time for a little downtime. Paprika "read" her books in the backyard. I say "read" in quotes because she is reading some stuff, some stuff she has memorized, and some stuff she just makes up.


Then it was dinnertime, and I thought this look on Ginger's face pretty much sums up her views on dinner (and life). If you've got it, I want it. What's on your plate? Can I have it? Please?!


Dinner is always really messy for her, so every night is bathtime. (She would need a bath anyway because she gets so dirty running after Paprika in the backyard).


These two are so sweet together. Baths are pretty fun in this house, especially since I discovered a natural bubble bath that actually suds. It's called Yes to Baby Carrots Bubble Bath, and I found it at Target. Woah!


I am so grateful that they have eachother, and their love for one another is so strong. It is a gift...each day with these girls and each day we're together, it's all something that is too precious for words, and I don't take a moment of it for granted. My loves.



butterflymom said...

Your girls are so beautiful, Erika! Thank you for sharing them with us out here in the blogging world.

ryansmom said...

So does that mean it's safe to eat the bubbles too? I'm wondering if they taste like carrots? LOL

Sheri said...

Those pictures melt my heart. Thanks for mentioning the bath soap. I have been using california baby bit it is so expensive.

Try using some miracle grow on the gtass. The kind that you hook up to the water hose. It really works wonders.