Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine's Day!

We spent our Valentine's Day curled up at home, teaching Paprika to use the potty. At the end of the day, after using every incentive we could think of and her refusing them all, we gave up. Another day, perhaps...but not today! The Thomas Pants go back in the drawer for now.

We exchanged presents in the morning. Mr. Mustard got a big bag of chocolates and a card from Paprika and a card from me. Paprika got a card, and this wonderful basket of playfood! I bought it from my friend, Michi's online store. It was crocheted with love, all the way from Germany! Here are a few pictures of Paprika enjoying her playfood!

For lunch, we ordered in pizza. It was a nice change of pace not to have to cook, and we did not want to fight the restaurant crowds this evening, in particular!

Paprika had a long nap in the afternoon, which allowed Mr. Mustard and I to catch up on our missed episodes of Lost!

So, all in all, a nice, quiet day at home!

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