Saturday, February 28, 2009

Hanging Out At Home

We had a restful day at home today. The past week, especially moving Paprika's schedule from night to day, has been exhausting for her and for me! After our Disneyland Wednesday and Children's Museum Thursday, we needed a little day of R&R. We spent the day curled up at home, surrounded by good books and art supplies.

Paprika has her Snow White dress permanently glued to her body. I don't know why we buy clothes, really. She has to wear the Snow White dress at all times (including sleep). I am surprised she hasn't asked to take a bath with it on! She also has a pink Sleeping Beauty dress, but she doesn't want to wear that. She has to wear the Snow White dress with her pink sequin shoes!

I read in a magazine that you're not supposed to let your child go out of the house dressed up in costumes. I disagree! Paprika has been all over Los Angeles in all sorts of get-ups, and if it makes her happy, then why should I stop her? I remember my grandma used to take me to the grocery store with all my fancy costume jewlery on, and it made me feel so special. I hope Paprika feels warm and special, too!

Mr. Mustard has the next few days off work, and I am so grateful and excited he'll be home. Hopefully the weather is good and we can spend a few days just hanging out, relaxing, and enjoying time together. Sometimes the best memories are made when we're just doing nothing- just "being" together.

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