Friday, February 27, 2009

Children's Museum Thursday!

We spent a gorgeous day at the Children's Museum on Thursday.

First, I had to wake Paprika up from her peaceful slumber. She is not easy to wake up. She really enjoys being snuggled up in her bed. I waited until 10:30 am to wake her up, and it was hard to do. I think if I'd let her, she would have slept all day.

First stop at the Children's Museum was the paleontology exhibit. Paprika loves to uncover the dinosaur bones and pretend to drive the truck. She drove me all sorts of places: Egypt, Santa Barbara, and "to the market!"

Then we spent a long time checking out the insect displays. Paprika is especially interested in insects now, so we spent a long time comparing the different kinds of beetles, grasshoppers, bees, spiders, and other insects.

Then we had a snack outside in the warm sunshine. It was nice to take a rest and talk about lots of deep stuff, like how bumblebees make honey, all about the planets, and how not every skeleton is a dinosaur skeleton.

She thought some topics of conversation were pretty funny.

Then, we played with the water. That was pretty exciting, especially when Paprika poured an entire bucket of water down the front of her dress. She didn't seem to mind and kept right on playing.

She made me lots of "water soup" - one of her specialties...

Then, of course, we painted. We painted for a long time. I think we went through four cycles of kids. They would run over and do a quick painting and run off to the next thing, but not Paprika. She sat there for a good hour and painted a "lake with red birds, flowers, butterflies, and bumblebees." When she's really working, she holds the paint brush with one hand while she refreshes another paint brush with the other hand. I think it's becoming her signature style. ;-)

After that, she constructed this "bumble bee" from some of the insect building blocks they had available. When she was done making him, she took him around to all the exhibits and explained each exhibit to him in great detail. She had a very hard time saying goodbye to the "bumble bee"- so much so that I considered stuffing him in my purse. I didn't, though, and Paprika cried for at least an hour about the friend she left behind. But, of course, I didn't get any pictures of that!

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