Friday, February 6, 2009

Lots of Rain!

It's been raining non-stop for the past few days. It is dark and bleak! We have been inside except for occasional trips to Target and Petco. Last night's Target trip involved buying Paprika a bunch of puzzles, including one that she had to have: a Tinkerbell puzzle that was 100 pieces and for ages 7 and up. Guess who put that puzzle together? Me, of course! Paprika was excited to get a few new 24 and 48 piece puzzles, and she put those together herself. We now own every single 24 and 48 piece puzzle that Target sells (that's a lot of puzzles).

To top it off, Mr. Mustard is of course working very long hours (13 or 14 hour night shift) in addition to being up in Santa Barbara to help his mom through surgery, so we haven't seen him hardly at all. And, Paprika's sleeping is just nusto. Last night she fell asleep at midnight, woke up at 2am, and wouldn't go back to bed til 6am. Exhausting!

Paprika is very cute, though, and that makes up for it! I am ready for the weather to get better, for Paprika to start sleeping better, and for Mr. Mustard to work more normal hours. I think of the three, my best chance is that one will come true: the weather will get better - it's Los Angeles, it always does!

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