Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Two and a Half Birthday!

Paprika turned two and a half on Monday, but we waited until today (Tuesday) to celebrate. Mr. Mustard has been telling everyone that Paprika is two and a half for at least four months now. I am glad that now I won't have to hold myself back from correcting him every time, since she is now really two and a half (let's not rush her childhood, please!)

In honor of this milestone, we did all of her favorite rainy day activities to celebrate. First, we took her to lunch at her favorite restaurant- Chipotle! She loves to groove to the music at this restaurant- she thinks it has the best music of any place that we visit.

Paprika surprised us at lunch by pronouncing Pinnochio correctly for the first time ever. Before, she's always said "Poke-In-Oh-Yo" and then today at lunch, she said "Pinnochio" the normal way, and I almost cried. This little girl is growing up!

Then we went to the Pet Store so she could visit the turtles, snakes, fish, iguanas, and foster kittens. She had a great time talking to the turtles, especially!

After that, we went to Target and she got to pick out a new puzzle for her half birthday present. She chose a new Pooh Bear puzzle- this brings her "big girl" puzzle count up to 16 puzzles. We are swimming in puzzles at our house!

Hopefully Paprika enjoyed her half birthday celebration! I know we did! :-)

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