Monday, February 16, 2009

President's Day

It rained all day today, again. I am so grateful that we snuck out last night to Disneyland and enjoyed a short respite from the seemingly never-ending winter downpours we've been experiencing!

This is (hopefully) Mr. Mustard's last week working nights before he journeys over to Dancing With The Stars and goes back to a day schedule. It will be nice to re-enter a more normal schedule...for all of us.

This pregnancy is moving along; no complaints here. We are a little over two weeks away from viability (the time in which a baby can be born alive and have a decent chance of surviving), and hoping to reach that milestone without complications. Now that I'm really showing, I often get asked, "When are you expecting?" And it's kinda funny, but I never really thought about what that word "expecting" meant before we lost Vivian and Annemarie in July. In my mind, with this baby, we are "not expecting"- oh no, I have almost no "expectation" for this child. Instead, I say, "we are hoping"- hoping seems like a more appropriate word for what we are doing as we wait out the next few months before this new baby hopefully arrives.

On a side note, this baby definitely has a food preference. Awhile back, all I wanted was vegetables and fruit...but somehow over the past few weeks, that preference has turned to anything chocolate. Uh-oh!

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