Monday, February 16, 2009

Disneyland Day!

We woke up on Sunday and decided to take Paprika to Disneyland. We're on a late schedule because of Mr. Mustard's work, so the fact that the park was staying open until midnight was a big bonus. Since we have Annual Passes, it seemed like a good, fun, and free thing to do!

Well, when we got to Disneyland, we discovered that today was a blackout day due to the holiday weekend (in Mr. Mustard's line of work, there is no such thing as a holiday weekend, so we frequently forget about such things). Paprika was SO excited to be at Disneyland. We knew just how disappointed she would have been to have to turn around and go home without riding any rides.

So, we bought tickets and decided to stay! We had a wonderful time, and rode many rides, even ones we'd never ridden before (like Mr. Toad's Wild Ride).

All in all, a very fun way to spend the day!

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