Monday, February 9, 2009

Ultrasound Update!

We're back from today's perinatology appointment. Everything is looking great. The baby now weighs a little over a pound, and is growing right on track.

We first met with the ultrasound tech, who took measurements for about half an hour. Then the doctor came in, and he had two interns with him. I was fine with the interns coming in because I already knew from what I had seen based on the tech's measurements that the doctor wasn't going to have really bad news for us. And I figured if he did have bad news, he wouldn't bring the students in for the appointment.

So, because the students were there, he took an extra long time and was very thorough explaining everything right down to each blood vessel. He looked over every vital organ, and even counted the fingers and the toes. Although, as you might imagine, we could really care less how many fingers and toes there are! But I was grateful that he was with us for so long, and that he practically studied every part of the baby down to the cellular level! ;-)

One rather interesting thing to note: When I made today's appointment, I thought I was going to be seeing a perinatologist I had never met before. However, when the doctor walked in the room, I recognized him immediately. He was at Vivian and Annemarie's delivery- he was brought in to help deliver the placenta after massive complications arose- and he remembered us, too. It was good to see him in this new context, and I felt good that he knew our history so well. I just thought it was a little interesting that of all the perinatologists I could have booked an appointment with, I chose this man who was by our side during our darkest hour...

So, good news all around from today's appointment. We are so grateful for this good news, and hopeful for the future. We know things can really change in an instant, so we're not taking even a second for granted. But, it was nice to have such a detailed look at our baby, and to hold tight to the hope that this new life brings.

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