Friday, November 30, 2012



It's been a big week of changes around here!  Mr. M ended DWTS on Tuesday night.  Yay for hiatus! Here he is in the Delorian from Back To The Future - it was parked on the Lot, and he had to try it out:


 I was joking with him about how rough he has it at work. Haha. He went to the Wrap Party for the show on Tuesday night, and I was going to go but I knew Violet would be a wreck the whole time I was gone. I was sad to miss the party, but there will be other parties...I keep telling myself it's par for the course during this season of life. :-)

Anyhoo, it's been great having him home. The first day he was off work, we treated the girls to Rubio's after Paprika got out of school. We got the food to go and went down to the beach in our little rolling restaurant (our van) and parked by the ocean. It was perfect!

 I kept joking that with the kids strapped in their carseats, it was the most peaceful meal I'd enjoyed in awhile. You can just see the beach house from the old TV show 90210 off there on the left-hand side. I was about half-way through my burrito before I noticed it!


Yesterday was the last day of swimming for the girls for awhile.  Ginger's teacher is moving to Oregon, so it was a bittersweet day for our family.  I am so amazed at the progress Ginger made this Fall.  Even though she was so reluctant to swim, she loves it now!

Paprika will start back on swim team at the end of January - but Ginger won't do lessons again until April!  So, that gives me four months of keeping Ginger and Violet busy during Paprika's swim practice.  Oh boy!  ;-)


I will miss my daily walks with just Violet in the Ergo while the big girls are at swimming.  By the time February rolls around, I am sure Violet will be chasing Ginger around the park.  It'll be all chaos anyway, so I might as well just give in and enjoy it.  Haha.


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Mimi said...

You've got fun lined up there...running around after 2 girls!
Love each and every one of your pics. The ocean ones are fab!