Saturday, November 3, 2012

One Week Left!


This is my last week of my baby being officially a baby. Next week she'll be over a year old and a toddler. Of course, leave it to me to get hung up on these little milestones and anniversaries.

 I drive Mr. M crazy with all of my made up anniversaries, like "the anniversary of our first date" and how I celebrated our "almost-versary" the year before we got married. Haha.

What can I say, I like to make the most of every last little moment. ;-)


Violet is talking, walking, playing piano... She loves her big sisters, and knows how to let her voice be heard (translation: she is very loud!)

Her favorite things to say are: What's dat? And: Who's dat?


She points to the things she wants and shakes her head no when there's something she doesn't want. She loves her baths, and loves adventure. She gets very dirty, so it's a good thing she loves her baths. ;-)

She is fearless, happy, funny, and determined. She knows what she wants and gets so frustrated when she can't do it.   She wants to rule the world but her little body is holding her back.  Isn't that how we all feel sometimes?


I want this next week before her birthday to go in slow motion. I want to remember every second of her babyhood, to somehow harness it before it slips away.

 But, this week will be business as usual - busy - filled with swim lessons, piano practice, school, homework, and everything in between. Before I know it, Friday will be here. It always comes.

 I just can't believe a year has gone by since I held this tiny baby in my arms and wondered about all the things she would be.  Here we are, one year later, and I can't imagine her being anyone except who she is...wild and wonderful. 

And I guess the birthday is just one day - because really, every day is a celebration with this girl in my life.  I still kinda want to freeze time, though!  ;-)



Big brother, Little sister. said...

I just found your blog via Fiona in Switzerland! Your girls are Devine and I LOVE their names so much!!! My baby just went 13 months and indeed time flies! Happiest of baby week for Violet and you x Bron xxx

Mimi said...

Violet is the sweetest little girl ever! Always smiling in every photo.
My 3rd child was loud too, and one day when I asked him to not be so loud he sad to me "I have to be loud to be heard in this family!" kinda true too!
Enjoy the week!

Allison said...

I know exactly what you mean! My girl will be one in a little more than a week & I'm trying so hard to hold on to this baby age!! Happy birthday to your little girl!