Sunday, November 11, 2012

I Am Not Reusing THOSE Earplugs!


Friday night we celebrated Violet's birthday with a little cake and a song.  We waited for Mr. M to get home from work so we could all celebrate together.  But, by the time he got home (8:30), Violet had fallen asleep!  She often does that and then wakes up a few hours later - so when she woke up around 10:30, we decided to have our cake then...since Ginger and Paprika were still wide awake!


I realize how crazy it sounds to feed your small children chocolate cake at 10:30 at night - the sugar! the caffeine! Yes, it was crazy. They were wired and did not want to go to sleep until 1am. Paprika and Ginger were proposing a midnight hike through the neighborhood. Oh boy. Instead, we had a late night dance party in the living room and an impromptu piano recital by Paprika.  Fun!

The girls have taken to raiding my closet to play dress-up.  This is them earlier in the week - another late night!  Paprika and Ginger were pretending to go on a romantic date together and dance in the moonlight.


They were having such a blast, it really didn't bother me that they had taken all my clothes in the closet off the hangers.  I think the last time this purple dress saw any action was in 2005.  It's practically vintage!  ;-)


Baby Violet loves her Daisy.  They really know how to get into trouble together.  Daisy is so sweet to Violet (so sweet to all the girls).  She's only 18 months old, and some days I still get so frustrated with Daisy, but she's really winning over my heart.  She is such a sweet, gentle soul and we are so lucky to have her.


One thing about Daisy is that she loves to eat things she's not supposed to eat. I have to be so careful, and I am very careful.  Our favorite things to eat in this house are grapes and chocolate- which are both deadly to dogs.  So...I am super vigilant about keeping all the food, etc. out of Daisy's way.

But yesterday, one of the girls went over to my nightstand and opened the drawer.  I saw Daisy over there but didn't think anything of it, and closed the drawer a minute later. My nighstand is filled books, craft projects, pens, Legos, hair ties, and about 1000 ear plugs. Okay, maybe more like 100 earplugs.

I always use earplugs to sleep (I have since I was in my teens) because I suffer from horrible insomnia (always have since childhood). Wearing the earplugs is kind of Pavlovian for me and helps me fall asleep about a gazillion times faster. 

Anyhoo- last night I went into my nightstand to get out a pair of earplugs and discovered that there were no earplugs in my nightstand.  None.  A quick look outside at Daisy's poop made me realize that Daisy had eaten them ALL.

I don't even know what to say about that except I am glad she ate the earplugs instead of the Legos!


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