Wednesday, November 28, 2012

A Tree That Will Never Ever Die!


On Saturday, we decorated our house for Christmas. The girls saw our neighbors hanging lights outside their house on Saturday morning, so we decided to break out the decorations. Mr. M was working, so I got the decorations out of the garage and the girls and I got to work making the house merry and bright.

I had planned on getting a "real" tree this year. A friend posted a Groupon for a real tree (delivered to the house for free, no less) - and I considered doing that because the price was right and I figured the girls would like it better.
But, when I told Paprika about it, she got so upset.

She said: I don't want to get a Christmas tree like that because it will die. You know what is great about our old tree? It will never ever die.

And that is true. Our little Charlie Brown fake tree that we got from the Clearance Christmas section of Target for $5 many years ago will never ever die - literally and figuratively!

And it's paid for. Take that, Groupon! ;-)


It took about eight minutes to set up the tree and hang all our decorations around the house.  Easy peasy.  I even still had the stocking hooks on the fireplace mantel, so all I had to do was arrange the stockings in order from oldest to youngest.  ;-) 

We decided we would wait on Mr. M to hang the lights and ornaments on the Christmas tree, since it's kind of a special thing that we wanted to all do together.

I didn't think it would be a late night at work for Mr. M, so I promised the girls they could wait until he got home from work to decorate the tree.  Little did I know that Mr. M would be working until midnight at Dancing With The Stars.  Oh boy!

But, I am true to my word, so we let the girls stay up until he got home.  And then we all decorated the tree at midnight.


It was worth the wait.

Even though half of the lights didn't work, the other half did.  We played Christmas music while we decorated, and everyone got to help.

When we were done,  Ginger declared it: The Best Christmas Tree Ever!  And she said that this is the BEST Christmas EVER!

The girls were singing and dancing around our "beautiful, spectacular, splendiferous tree" - and Paprika said:  I am so glad this tree will never die and will live on forever and ever in our hearts as the most magical Christmas tree of all time.

Alrighty then.  ;-)


Then, in the bright daylight of Sunday morning, Violet decided it was her mission to pull over the Christmas Tree. 

Ginger and Paprika made it their mission to keep her away from the tree, but it didn't work.  During breakfast, Violet lunged for a tree branch.  Ginger tried to block her by putting herself between Violet and the Tree.  The Tree fell down on top of Ginger, who fell on top of Violet. 

All I can say is that it's a good thing that this tree is a little Charlie Brown Christmas tree that weighs maybe six pounds fully decorated.  No one was hurt.  Not even the tree!

I kept thinking how if I'd gotten that "real" tree from Groupon, it probably would have weighed a lot and how much more serious the tree falling would have been. That endeared me to our little Charlie Brown tree even more.

But, to stop that from ever happening again, I moved an empty bookshelf in front of the tree to keep Violet from staging a repeat.  It's not pretty, but it works.

I should say, it works mostly.  Because this little troublemaker knows what she wants and she is so very determined:


She loves to crawl inside the bookcase and steal the ornaments off the tree.  Even when we tell her no and put them back, she cannot be stopped.  I would hang them higher, but she knows how to climb!  So, I just put the ornaments I don't mind her playing with towards the bottom, and so far that seems to be working.

Well, until our backs are turned.  Haha!  ;-)


The End.


Unknown said...

Such a sweet post, so glad Violet was alright! The bottom of our tree is 19 month old has snatched the fabric ornaments that adorned the tree for a whole 30 seconds-we love our bare bottomed tree! ( If I remember correctly your tree looked like that last year) I love Ginger's comment about this being the best Christmas ever! My very soon to be 3 year old recently said the same and I totally agree! How fun it is as parents to experience it through our childrens' eyes! I've really loved your posts about simplifying and was inspired to trim back...I even returned some toys that were suppose to arrive Christmas morning because we just don't need all of that stuff!

P.S. My husband and I are thinking of visiting sunny California within the next year! I was wondering if you have any suggestions about where to visit...are you willing to communicate with me via email?

Unknown said...

Me again (dtmichiels), the person who requested emailing about vacation suggestions. I just realized that I am a complete stranger to you and you may not be comfortable emailing me; which is absolutely fine. I randomly stumbled upon your blog and have been following for about 2 years now. I feel like I can relate to your parenting style, the thoughts you've had about staying home vs. a professional career, simplifying and weeding out things, and also raising a child with sensory needs. My 3 year old is hypersensitive and receives occupational therapy; your blog has helped me to not feel alone when we experience difficult days in regards to her sensory struggles. My name is Tara and I run an in home daycare called the learning home...!/TheLearningHome?__user=175700025

I apologize for so many posts :)

Mimi said...

Love the tree. Makes me somewhat sorry I got rid of our lovely artificial one a few years ago in favour of a real one, not thinking of it dying. Paprika has a good point, she is such a bright girl.
Love that Ginger thinks it the best Christmas sweet!