Monday, November 26, 2012

Days Gone By!


Our nine day Thanksgiving Break has come and gone. I remember when I first heard I'd have the whole week off with the girls, I wondered what we'd do with the time. I'm still not sure what all we did, but I do know that the time flew.


Today it was back to reality. Friendship group before school for Paprika. Then school. Then swimming for Ginger and Paprika. Then piano lessons. And that was just today!

One thing I do remember is that sometime last week (a few days, I think!) - it rained. Of course, the girls had not wanted to set foot in the backyard until it rained. And then once it started raining they wanted to be nowhere else.


So, with umbrellas and galoshes, they braved the stormy weather. What's more exciting than playing outside in the rain?! Nothing!


The big girls watched he movie Ratatouille one night and afterwards made a giant mess of my kitchen! They made up menus, got out the pots and pans, and had a great time pretending with the items in the pantry. I asked them why they didn't want to use the play kitchen - and they said, "The real thing is so much better!"

Of course it is. ;-)


Last Friday (day after Thanksgiving), Grandma Pat came down for the day. The girls were so excited about that, they were counting the minutes until her arrival. It was wonderful having her here. The girls even both sat still long enough to listen to her read a story. That's a rare feat!


The rest of the weekend after Thursday's Thanksgiving, Mr. M had to work (a lot). So, I was home with my little turkeys. I don't know why it always happens, but every year on the day after Thanksgiving, I run out of something small like Desitin and decide I need to run to Target to pick up a tube. Bawhahaha. Then I remember it's Black Friday and decide that the diaper cream can wait. ;-)


So, we were homebodies all weekend because I couldn't bear the thought of taking the girls to any sort of store on Thanksgiving weekend. Nope. Not happening. ;-)

But, then on Sunday, we were so low on food I figured we might starve to death if I didn't go, so I loaded the van and we all went to Trader Joe's. The girls got so dressed up for it, I think they thought we might never leave the house again.  I took pictures, but they are still on my camera.  :-)


Mr. M was working a lot, but when he was home, we made sure to make the most of it (and make sure it was well-documented!)  Haha.  Trips to the park are big in our family.  They have the three Fs: Fresh air, Fun, and Freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! 


Violet is a little daredevil. She is so adventurous and such a little sweetheart.  She's very confident and she thinks she's 4 years old.  I wonder why?!   


Paprika spent a lot of her vacation practicing piano.  When she first started lessons in September, I had to always remind her to practice - but now all she wants to do is practice and compose music.  She's started writing down her compositions/songs and they're actually pretty good!  My favorite one is called Magician at the Beach. She always draws illustrations to accompany her work, which may be the best part of all.  ;-)

It was really fun having her home all week with me.  I do miss her so much when she's at school.


So, those are the highlights of our cozy Thanksgiving Break spent at home. Next stop, Christmas! :-)


The End.

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siri said...

Cade had 9 days off as poured in Seattle, poured. It was so bad that we didn't leave the house for days. It was a nightmare. Wish our week was as good as yours!