Friday, November 23, 2012



I'm so grateful for a wonderful Thanksgiving with family and friends. Originally, I thought Mr. M would have to work and I'd be alone with the kids on Thanksgiving. So, my friend and neighbor, Paula, invited us to Thanksgiving at her house with her beautiful family. Mr. M ended up having the day off work, so we had the whole day together.

Paprika kept exclaiming: This is the Best Thanksgiving Ever!

The girls played in the pool all afternoon. Paula had warmed it up to 85 degrees. They pretended they were Pilgrims sailing to North America.  Swimming outside in late November - does it get any better than that?!


Paula had lots of crafts for the girls, so as soon as they were done swimming, it was craft-time!  These crafts kept the girls entertained for hours.  They had so much fun and are still talking about it!


Paula outdid herself with an amazing feast. I am still full a day later. When I went to log my calories at My Fitness Pal last night, I put in 90,000 calories for the day. I don't think it was an exaggeration. Hahahaha. I really enjoyed myself and every incredible morsel.  It was sooooooo good. 


This was such a wonderful Thanksgiving. I often get a little down on Thanksgiving because my family is in Indiana, and it's just too far to travel with three teeny little ones. But yesterday, I was so happy and felt so included, and it was just so lovely. I'm going to remember this Thanksgiving for a very long time. It is the new yardstick by which all others will be measured. It was a glorious day and I am so grateful for it, although I wonder how on Earth did I ever deserve any of it? Grace.

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