Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Vote For The Handsomest One!


I did it! I voted!

I discovered about a week ago that my absentee ballot had gone missing.

 Then, a few days ago, I found it in a deeply graffitied state. It had been made into a spontaneous art project by one little Miss Ginger.  Oops!


I knew I wanted to vote, but wasn't sure how it would happen now that I was absentee-ballot-less. And with my child induced agoraphobia, I really didn't want to bring the kids with me to vote.

But then my civic fervor got the best of me, and I decided Come Hell or High Water, I was going to vote, goshdarnit!

 So, after I dropped Paprika off at school, I took Ginger and Baby Violet with me to vote. Baby Violet had already been to the polling place that morning with Mr. M (he took her before work) - so she was like a little celebrity. Everyone kept saying, "Haven't we seen that baby before?!" I think they thought I was trying to vote twice. Haha.


Before school, we had been talking all about the election. Our kids don't watch TV, so they really have no idea what's going on.

Paprika (age 6) has been reading up on her own - and in the past month or so has been very interested in the Presidents and early suffragists. She is fascinated by Susan B. Anthony (she can tell you her whole life story), and is especially interested in past Presidents like: George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, and Theodore Roosevelt. She knows all about their histories, what they stood for, how women got the right to vote, etc.

But since she doesn't watch TV or anything like that, she really has NO idea about this current election. None at all. So, this morning, I was explaining to her who the two candidates were in a non-partisan way and then I asked her how she would vote.

She said: Well, if I were an adult, I would be voting because of Susan B. Anthony. She voted even when people were mean to her. She ignored all those bullies and voted anyway. If I could vote, I would be like Susan B. Anthony and ignore all the bullies and I would vote for Barack Obama because he is the handsomest.

Then, Ginger (age 3) says to me: I know who I will vote for! I will vote for myself! And I will marry myself, too! I want to get married JUST to myself!

So, there ya have it. My girls carefully weigh all the facts before deciding their votes.  ;-)

Maybe next election we can talk about the real issues. Today, I just felt like a success getting in and out of the polling place in one piece!   Now I'll be on pins and needles waiting to see who wins.  :-)


Mimi said...

Good on you for making the effort. No mean feat to get there and vote, but you did it!
Ginger is sooooo funny! It's fun when you can discuss the election with your kids, you will love it when that time comes round, we're glued to it here now, 20 past midnight!

Susanne said...

One of our first grade students said she had to vote for Governor Romney because President Obama already had a turn and we need to be fair and take turns. I love how their little minds work!

Susanne said...
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