Saturday, November 24, 2012

The Thankful Book!

Paprika surprised me by making this book one afternoon all on her own.  I always have a lot of art supplies available for the girls - just paper, pens, markers, crayons, kid scissors, glue, glitter, etc.  I know that it's a LITTLE dangerous to leave all that stuff out and free for the taking (haha) - and if you look at some of the walls in my house, I can prove it!  ;-)

But I think the trade-off to having a little mess and occasional artwork on the walls is worth it because every day, all day the girls are creating.  When I am devoting time to getting Violet to nap, they are creating.  When I am cleaning up, they are creating.  They are always creating, and to me, creating is learning and reflecting and a valuable activity unto itself.

Anyhoo- this is the book Paprika made for me for Thanksgiving.  All on her own.  I will cherish it always, and even if it gets destroyed by water, flame, or errant scissor...I now have a copy of it right here to remember it always.  :-)

The cover says:

The Thankful Book


I Give Thanks for Mom:


Mom Gives Thanks for Us and Dad:


And Annemarie and Vivian. 

Ginger Gives Thanks for Going to the Park:


Violet Gives Thanks for Mama Milkies. 

Dad Gives Thanks for Tickling:


And The Dog. 

And Us:


And His Film.

And Music:


Mom Gives Thanks for Being Healthy.

And for Auntie Ann:


And Food.

And Home:


We Give Thanks for Family:


The End.

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Kim said...

OH MY GOSH-that is AMAZING!! I love the mama milkies page-how stinkin' cute! She is a wonderful artist and you're right a very worth while trade off indeed!