Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Thanksgiving Eve!


Today Mr. M had the WHOLE day off work (that hasn't happened in a very long time)! He also has all day tomorrow off work, too.  I had prepared myself for him having to work tomorrow, but as of now it looks like he has the day off.  Can I get a woo-hoo!  :-) 

This morning, we took the girls to the park and then out to lunch at Rubio's.   After that, I snuck off with some girlfriends to watch Breaking Dawn Part 2. It was such a guilty pleasure...I enjoyed every second of it!

After the movie, I made it home in time for the girls' swim lesson.   Yay!  Ginger had her private swim lesson - she is turning into a little fish.  She swears she's half mermaid and never wants to get out of the water.  ;-) 

Paprika's swim team has been playing water polo all week, since a lot of kids are out for the holidays. It has been so cute seeing her in the water with her little helmet and learning a new sport...even though I think she would rather pretend to play mermaids in the water than shoot a ball through a goal.

Ginger at her swim lesson:


Speaking of swimming, I keep forgetting to post  a photo of my little cover girl!  For the Fall catalog, her picture was inside the brochure.  For Winter, she is THE cover!  She is so proud of it.  I got a few know, just so I can say I knew her when.  ;-)


Happy Thanksgiving!!! :-)

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