Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The Magical Farm!


We are thick into Summer, and it is glorious. The girls would be so happy just to stay inside all day but when it's this gorgeous outside, that just seems sinful to me. ;-)

We moved into this particular house because of the enormous backyard - so I make sure the girls get out there! Every day after swimming, we come home, have lunch, and then they get kicked outside for a few hours. Don't worry, I go with them, too. Haha.


We have a sweet orange tree and a very fruitful lemon tree. Okay, I'll stop with the puns already. ;-) We have rose bushes, a hydrangea the size of a bus, and some other things, too.


But nothing gets watered. I like to think of that as the environmentalist in us, but really it's just because our backyard doesn't have a sprinkler. So, the grass is dead. It's brown, like straw.

What can I say, it's survival of the fittest in our backyard!

Anyhoo- the girls don't mind the brown grass at all. They just pretend it's REAL straw and they live on a farm.

Here's the horse corral:


Those horses sure are thirsty! Ha!


Chickens who lay real eggs (and there's a piglet in that pen, too):


A duck and a turtle in the pond:


And a sweet little bunny rabbit to pet!


I loved visiting my girls' magical farm. The best thing about this farm? No poop! Because in the past six years, I've been to many a petting zoo...and none of them could say that! Right?! Who knew imaginary farms could be even better than the real thing! :-)

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