Friday, August 24, 2012

The Hard Way!


You know how some people are just determined to do things the hard way? ;-)

Well...that's Ginger:


The truth is that this whole potty-training thing with her has not been going well. I've pretty much given up...for now. She may win the battle, but I will win the war. Haha!

I have read every philosophy on potty training (did you know there were philosophies about such things?) - and tried every darn trick in the book. None of it worked - not even a little bit. I was feeling so very frustrated with her.

Basically, she would not wear and I wouldn't give her a diaper, so she decided that she would go nowhere (her words). As in, not go to the potty ever. Well, you can guess how that ended (all over my floor!) On the tenth or eleventh incident involving my floor, I decided maybe we can just let her take the lead on this one. That is what all the "my child is stubborn and this is a power struggle" experts say to do. Let the child have it be his or her decision.

I thought that was rubbish, but then I read this post from a super insightful author. ;-) In reading this, I could have substituted the name Ginger in every spot where it said Paprika. I suddenly had a huge perspective shift, and realized that it's just a phase and that she will get it in her own time. Just like Paprika did. My, how quickly I forgot!


So, there ya have it. I have surrendered (temporarily) and I am hoping that she decides to potty train on her own. I realize that I may be delusional, but let me hold on to my little shred of hope here. It sure beats scrubbing floors every night! Ha!


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Mimi said...

I don't think you're delusional at all! I think you're absolutely right. Ginger wants to do it in her own time, and in the long run, we want to encourage independent thinking in our kids.
The fact that their independent thinking is not in line with ours is really just an inconvenience, especially compared with having a "follower" child.
Ginger will be a super person when she's grown, dancing to her own beat, and so much to be admired.
And the growing up? it will happen much faster than you would wish. So enjoy the now, as you are doing, don't sweat small stuff, and really, what difference does it makes whether she wears a diaper or not?

Jayme said...

I promise she won't go to college in diapers!

My guys are still in them too, and I'm letting them lead the way. After 5 older siblings, I know they'll learn eventually and the struggle just isn't worth it!