Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Last Day of Five!


Today is Paprika's last day of being five years old. Tomorrow she will be six. Six seems so much bigger than five. I thought I was going to be fine with it, but I guess I am a tad emotional about it.

We have spent a lot of time at home this week. Ginger is potty-learning. Well, more like Ginger is determined not to go on the potty and I am determined that she will. It has been interesting. ;-) You would think that someone who was on Law Review at Berkeley could figure out how to potty train a three year old. But, you would be wrong! Haha. I am trying every trick in the book so we'll see what happens. I think it's going to come down to who is more persistent...and I hope it's me! :-)


So today, I decided we all needed a few hours at the park, away from off we went! At the park, we played Goldilocks and the Three Bears together. Paprika was Goldilocks, I was Mama Bear, Violet was Papa Bear, and Ginger was Baby Bear (her choice)!


I took the girls to McDonald's drive-thru for lunch (I know, I's become a rare treat now, which is progress because I used to rely on it a lot). Once we had our meals in hand, I took the girls to my favorite little spot - there's this house that I adore up on a hill overlooking the ocean. You can see the sea from all sides, and it's just an amazing panoramic view.

So, I drove up to the house and we parked outside (no one was home at the house, in case you are wondering!) We all sat in the van with the doors and windows open and felt the breeze from the ocean and took in the five million dollar view (literally) as the girls ate their Happy Meals. I let the girls pick the music (they picked Wee Sing)- and I was so happy as I listened to them sing along. :-)


After that, Paprika had her piano lesson. I entertained Ginger and Violet in the lobby while Paprika had a 45 minute lesson - they were only supposed to go 30 minutes, but I guess her teacher was feeling generous! Violet was into everything and tried to empty the contents of every trashcan in the whole place. Ginger was tumbling down the halls and trying to keep Violet out of trouble (or maybe getting her into more trouble). Haha.


Then we came home for a quick wardrobe change and we were off to Pre-Swim Team practice. I watched Paprika through the fence, and she looked so tiny compared to the other swimmers. Well, there is one girl smaller than her, but I know for a fact that little girl is 7.


They warm-up before practice, and the funniest part was when they were doing push-ups. Everyone (except Paprika) was doing pretty decent push-ups, but Paprika was in a V-Shape exactly like yoga "downward dog" the whole time. I was laughing, thinking to myself, "Who does she think she is fooling?!" Haha. She makes me laugh every day.

So, tomorrow is the big birthday day. I have a lot of little surprises planned for her. Just things to make her feel special. I think I'm going to be just as excited as she is!

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Mimi said...

Very busy schedule you have there!
Beautiful photos!

Unknown said...

I hope potty training is going well! Your comment about your law degree from Berkley made me laugh out loud because I so get it! I've got a dual degree in early childhood development and early childhood special education! I know typical milestones like the back of my hand and have oodles of techniques to teach and assign natural consequences, but when it comes to being a mom it's a whole new ride! One I wouldn't trade for anything, but one that definitely keeps me on my toes!

P.S. You have such a darling family! I stumbled across your blog about 2 years ago and pop in from time to time to see how big your girlies are getting! Your Paprika seems a lot like my Lilah and your Ginger has pep like my Amelia!