Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Livin' Is Easy!


It's the last week of summer. One week from today Paprika starts Kindergarten. We have been savoring these last days. We've been going to the park every day - why not?! Yesterday we spent the afternoon at my friend's house. The girls were loving swimming in the pool. Can you say F-U-N!


Violet was loving all the one on one attention. :-) She even got a little dip into the pool a few times - I mean, how could she not in her cute little bathing suit?! Haha.


We were at the pool during Violet's morning nap time (I use that term "nap" loosely -haha)- and she fell asleep in the carrier. She was soggy and cool, and just zonked out. This is her when she woke happy girl!


I know everyone is getting ready for Fall, but I just want the summer to never end!

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