Sunday, August 19, 2012

Big Six!


Dear Paprika,

You are now six years old. Every day I am thankful for the gift of getting to be your mom. You are an amazing treasure and it goes without saying, my love for you is big. So big that I started a blog six years ago to talk about it, and I haven't stopped talking about it since. ;-)

If I could describe you in one word, it would be: Magical. You are unlike anyone I have ever known, and probably ever will know. Your heart is so pure, and your ideas are so creative, I just have to sit back and marvel at you sometimes (often). You are inquisitive and funny, and you march to your own rhythm without question, no matter what.


The whole world is open to possibilities, and you want to do everything. You want to be on the racing swim team, play soccer, dance as Clara in the Nutcracker ballet, win a gold medal in gymnastics, go to the moon, visit Antarctica, live in China and Japan, go on vacation to Mexico, get married and have ten kids (5 boys and 5 girls), play piano and violin, and be an artist.

I always tell you that you already are an artist - you don't have to wait to grow up to be one.


You love playing in the backyard, and making up your own fairy tales. Sometimes you will be talking and I will ask you what you're saying and you will say, "I'm not talking to anyone, I am just telling the stories in my head."


You love playing games on the computer and the iPad - so far you've just gotten to play educational games, which is fine by you because you love to learn. You learn very quickly, and are able to focus for very long periods of time. Right now I am buying you 3rd grade educational software and games (you've already mastered everything through Grade 2). I am amazed at your love of learning, and I am so glad that you see wonder in learning something new each day.


You are always acting out little stories and plays for us. Here you are dressing up as a "pretend ghost" in a Halloween play you made up. Halloween is still your favorite holiday. This year you say that you want to be a bride - I am not buying your costume yet because you've been known to change your mind! :-)


You love making movies and taking photographs. Here is a picture of you at the park directing one of your movies. You brought your dolls, of course...and your dad and Ginger were helping you make the movie. You have days where all you want to do is make your own movies. Your dad is teaching you how to use Avid (editing software) - but mostly, you just like to make your movies in iMovie because it's easier.

I am amazed at how well you understand these things at 6 years old, especially because you've figured it all out on your own. Someday, I'd like you to teach me a thing or two. Yes, I realize that I have an MFA from USC in Film Producing, and yet I could learn a thing or two about moviemaking from a six year old. ;-)


You love your family so much, and your sisters are you best friends. You have a huge heart, and I have never (ever!) seen you jealous of anyone for any reason. I don't think you understand jealousy. You are kind and patient and giving of your toys and your time. You are a great role model and I am so glad your little sisters have you to look up to - you are a great big sister.


I am so very proud of you, my sweet Paprika. I hope you know how amazing you are - and that your mama will always believe in you and I will do everything I can to help you realize your dreams. I'll even buy you a "snowcoat" for your trip to Antartica, where you plan on raising your family of five girls and five boys. Ha! :-) To the moon and back again, that's how far I'd go (and even farther) for you!



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camille yanair said...

what an awesome little girl!

Mimi said...

Beautiful post!
Happy 6th Birthday Paprika!
Keep on enjoying life and learning!

Kim said...

Such a sweet post! Happy Birthday Paprika!