Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Day She Turned 6!


Just so I don't forget, here is what happened on the day Paprika turned six years old!

Paprika was, of course, very excited about her birthday! I wanted to make it special for her. Summer birthdays are tricky - summer birthdays on a Thursday are even trickier! Haha.

We decorated the house for her, so when she woke up there'd be no doubt that it was her special day:


We put up a little balloon wall in her doorway after she fell asleep the night before. When she woke up and burst through the door, she thought this was the neatest thing:


Presents were waiting on the table...


But first, breakfast! :-) I did six chocolate mini cupcakes with a candle in each for each year. Paprika got to blow out three candles and Ginger blew out the other three...


I had to crop Ginger out of all these pictures because she refused to wear any clothes. Haha! :-)

Anyhoo- Paprika was so excited to open her presents. She got some ballet and tap shoes she'd been wanting and a little doll, too:


While I was getting Ginger dressed, I caught a little moment of Paprika sharing her toys with Baby Violet. So sweet!


The girls played around the house for the morning with the new toys. When it was time for lunch, I let Paprika pick the place and she picked McDonald's - of course! There is no way I was going to eat inside McD's on such a gorgeous day, so we took our take-out up to our favorite parking spot. We cranked up the tunes while looking out at the ocean:


This is what the sky looked like on her 6th birthday:


Then we spent the afternoon at the park:


We lose hours at this place, and it's fine by me! :-)


After the park, Paprika had her Pre-Swim Team practice. Couldn't miss that!


To top the day off, Mr M. brought home her chocolate birthday cake, so we got to sing for her again and she got to make more wishes (the best part, she told me)!


The End!


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Kim said...

Looks like a spectacular 6th birthday!

Mimi said...

Your decorating skills are very impressive, I ADORE the balloon wall (and will probably implement it here with a teenager soon, lol!)
Ginger is so funn, refusing to wear clothes; she has spirit, which is great.
That photo of Paprika and baby Violet is so adorable, definitely one to frame. And Paprika's dress is fab, don't know where you get their clothes, but they're always gorgeous.