Sunday, August 12, 2012

Wicked King!


Here's the quick summary of the past week: It's been hot. Really hot. We have started the birthday party circuit, and managed two parties in three days! Grandma Pat came down for a few days for a visit.


Paprika has continued to commune with imaginary mermaids during pre-swim team practice. And Paprika got a new piano who doesn't check her email during the lesson. Yay!


The first birthday party was for Riley at the American Girl store.


Grandma Pat came down and watched Ginger while I took Violet and Paprika to the party. We drove to the Grove (about an hour in traffic) and Violet cried the whole way there. We almost turned around and went home forty times, but we persevered and got there, and it was worth it.


We ate at the cafe (the food is really good!) and afterwards the girls went shopping with a personal shopper. I let Paprika pick out her first full-sized American Girl doll and a special outfit for her doll...I counted it as an early birthday present for my almost six year old! It was great celebrating with Riley, who we have known since she was one year old. Crazy, right?!


Yesterday we went to a friend's birthday party at a local adventure place. I was worried Ginger would be too little to enjoy it, but she loved it. I kept waiting to hear her start crying when she was up in the tall climbing tower (that usually happens at those types of places, and I have to go rescue her) - but this time, she ran for two hours straight and kept up with the big kids. Violet played in the ball pit and had the time of her life, too.

Mr. M has had to work the past two weekends at least part of the weekend. When he is home, we are maximizing that. One thing the girls love to do with him is play Wicked King.


Basically, he chases them around the playground and "scares" them. Every weekend they ask, "Daddy, will you play Wicked King with us?" :-)


Just two weeks left until Paprika starts Kindergarten, and four days left until her birthday! I am a mess of emotions. I have been organizing and clearing clutter as my therapy. Violet turned 9 months old on Thursday, which means she's been OUT as long as she was IN. I guess it's time to take my maternity clothes out of my dresser drawers, right? ;-)

Out with the old, in with the new on this merry-go-round of life...

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