Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The End of an Era

We sold the Saturn earlier today. We took a few pictures before we said goodbye. We have so many good memories of that car. I bought it in July 1998: exactly 10 years ago! It's a 1995 model and although it was three years old when I got it, it felt like a brand new car to me.

I drove it to California after I graduated college, drove it back to Indiana after the fire (it was the only thing I owned that survived the fire), drove it back to California to attend USC, drove it cross-country and back with Mr. Mustard when we got married. It has been to the peaks of Telluride, Colorado to the depths of the Grand Canyon, to Las Vegas (more than a few times), and many, many, many other points all over the country.

I drove it back and forth from Los Angeles to Berkeley for two years, commuting twice each week during my second year of law school. I drove it when I was pregnant with Paprika, cramming myself inside it six months pregnant to get to class at UCLA during my "year abroad." It has been a wonderful car- only requiring oil every few months and new brakes once or twice. It always starts and it always provides a good, easy ride.

July 1998- Picking Up the Car at Saturn of Fishers:

We sold it to a really nice 19 year old college student named Michael from Australia. He is going to drive it all around the United States for the next year on "walkabout." The car is going to see many more adventures than it would from the inside of our garage. Michael is really sweet and was so excited to get the car. He has been living in Los Angeles for the last few months mentoring underprivileged youth through a Christian church outreach program. We found the best new home for the car, and I feel good about that. Goodbye old friend, many happy travels.

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