Monday, July 28, 2008

American Top Gear Pilot

Mr. Mustard has been working very hard editing the pilot episode of the American version of "Top Gear"- the insanely popular British TV show that is coming to the US. He's one of two editors working on the show, and he has been putting his heart and soul into making it a great show. The taping of the "live" studio portion of the show was on Saturday, so we took Paprika to the babysitter's (no kids under 10 allowed at the taping), and made a day of going to set.

Mr. Mustard LOVES being on set, and it is very much his element. We had a great time hanging out with everyone, and it was wonderful for me to be part of that world for the day. The audience was so excited to be there- about 3000 people waited outside for just a few hundred audience spots. The show looked amazing- Mr. Mustard is so proud of it. It was gratifying to watch Mr. Mustard in his element and see what he's been so excited and proud about for the past month.

The show starts in the Fall, and will hopefully be a huge hit. After watching it, I am pretty sure that it will be a very popular show- it was very fun to watch and even more fun to be there for the taping of it!

Saturday was the two week anniversary of the girls' birth, so it was very hard for me to be at the taping, acting upbeat, while I was silently falling apart on the inside. But I know I have every day to cry, and Saturday was so important to Mr. Mustard.

Sunday we took Paprika to Wall-E, and she did pretty well. The previews lasted half an hour (at least), and then she made it through the first hour of the movie. Then she wanted to leave. "Bye-bye Wall-E" she kept saying when it was time to leave. No crying on her part, just a firm suggestion that it was time to leave- and we took her cue and left the theater before any tears or drama ensued.

Today I have my two week postpartum check-up at the doctor's office. I am still having a great deal of pain- both in my leg from the epidural gone wrong, and in my abdomen. We'll see what he says about all that. I am not looking forward to the visit- but three hours from now it will be all done and I can put it behind me.

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