Saturday, June 28, 2008

Something to Look Back and Laugh About...

Guess what Paprika did today?

I walked out onto the front patio to fill up her baby pool, and she closed the front door and deadbolted the door behind me. I had my cell phone on me (thank goodness) but I could NOT get her to open the door.

It was actually a deadbolt that we lost the key to a long time ago (we have two deadbolts)- and so we never use it. So, it's not like Mr. Mustard could even come home and open the door. The door down to the garage was also deadbolted, and the garage door was closed (and I didn't have an opener with me anyway)...

So I called a locksmith and they said that no locksmith would come out to unlock the door due to liability issues...

So then I called the fire department and they sent three guys out in a big firetruck and they busted open the lock with a crowbar.

She was playing happily inside like nothing had happened- except she had taken off her shorts and diaper and was sitting there just in her T-shirt. When the firemen walked in, she looked at them (with her bare butt hanging out) and said, "Hey guys!!!"

We all burst out laughing. Forget looking back and laughing- we already are. :-)

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