Friday, July 25, 2008

Sparkle Shoes & Auntie Ann

Paprika has had a LOT of extra love these past few weeks. She's had so much attention lavished on her it's not even funny. Auntie Ann bought her these "princess sparkle shoes" while Ann was visiting, and Paprika LOVES them. She does not want to take them off her feet. She loves posing in her shoes, obviously! She is a fashion model in the making. :-)

Paprika's two favorite things to watch are our French Language DVDs made for Toddlers, and Elmo. Since I've been home from the hospital, she's been able to watch these videos whenever she asks for them. We have a 50 inch plasma TV, so it's quite the experience. Paprika doesn't watch any other television (just the videos)- I really don't want to expose her to commercial television until she is much older.

Anyway, she's never seen the French DVDs as much as she has in the past two weeks, and now I'm surprised to report that she is speaking in French words and phrases. This may seem wonderful, but one thing I did not think about when I ordered them is that neither Mr. Mustard nor I speak French. So, Paprika is speaking to me in French expecting me to understand her, and I have no idea what she's saying. I really should have bought her Spanish language DVDs instead, since then I could understand her. I think I may have to order the Spanish dvds in the next few weeks- this language barrier cannot persist!

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